David Letterman’s Top 10 Excuses of the Guy Who Lost the iPhone Prototype (with video)

CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman featured “Top 10 Excuses of the Guy Who Lost the iPhone Prototype” on last night’s show (April 21, 2010):

Direct link to video via CBS here.

MacDailyNews Take: And AT&T takes another roundhouse right in the kisser! (As they laugh their way to the bank.)

MacDailyNews Note: Note to advertisers: (including those who advertise via third-party ad networks and become, in effect, our advertisers): Your Flash-based ads are no longer reaching the most well-heeled customers online: 50+ million iPhone owners. They’re also not hitting brand new iPad users or 35+ million iPod touch users. If you care about reaching people with discretionary income, you might want to consider dumping your flash-based ads and moving to a more open format that people with money and the will to spend it can actually see.

Help kill Adobe’s Flash:
• Ask CBS via online feedback form to offer HTML5 video here.
• Ask MarketWatch via the customer support web form to offer HTML5 video here.
• Ask CNBC via the customer support web form to offer HTML5 video here.
• Contact Hulu via email and ask them to offer HTML5 video:
• Ask ESPN360 via their feedback page to offer HTML5 video instead Flash here.
• Join YouTube’s HTML5 beta here.
• On Vimeo, click the “Switch to HTML5 player” link below any video.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]


  1. Where’s the link to have CBS stop supporting Letterman. Apparently he can’t distinguish between “funny” and “just mean”. Nothing is quite as funny as kicking somebody who is down and can’t fight back, apparently. Letterman is most of the reason I don’t watch CBS…ever.

  2. The Letterman folks spelled “whisk” wrong and wrote “wisk” on the screen!

    It’s rare to see typos on network TV shows. Not so rare here on MDN ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Q: How do tell if Letterman or Leno have been standing behind you recently?

    A: If you were in front of Letterman there’d be a fresh “I’m a doofus” sign, taped to your back. If you were in front of Leno there’d be a fresh dagger protruding from your back.

  4. David letterman: a has been that Is and has stupid, utterly unfunny people writing embarrasing so called jokes. Please do us all a favor, retire and quickly fade away.

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