Intel: Apple-inspired Light Peak standard will totally replace USB 3.0 within a few years

TiVo - 10% off coupon code SAVE10“This week’s MacBook Pros were pretty much cutting-edge all over, but they were missing one major upgrade: USB 3.0 ports,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“Still, maybe Cupertino’s waiting to see how USB 3.0 now that Intel’s Light Peak standard (which is rumored to be Apple-inspired) is making its way to market,” Brownlee reports. “Intel Light Peak pundit Kevin Kahn has gone on record saying that he believes that the standard will be available in computers and laptops by 2011, and totally replace USB 3.0 over the course of the next few years.”

Brownlee reports, “Considering USB 3.0 has barely been adopted yet, and given that Light Peak is twice as fast, it may very well behoove Apple to wait until 2011.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ChrissyOne” for the heads up.]

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