Bar owner: Apple’s Gray Powell was distraught when he returned for his 4G iPhone and it was gone

“Gray Powell [is a] 27- year-old Apple software engineer who reportedly left his top-secret, next-generation iPhone prototype at the Gourmet Haus Staudt, a bar in Redwood City, Calif., last month [March 18],” Eloise Harper reports for ABC News.

“Powell was celebrating his birthday at this German beer garden and left his phone at the bar,” Harper reports. “MaryAnne Staudt, who co-owns the bar, said that Powell was upset when he returned and attempted to recover the phone and doesn’t believe that it was a publicity stunt done by Apple. Staudt said she felt badly about the situation and for Powell.”

Harper reports, “His last Facebook update before he lost his phone read ‘I underestimated how good German beer is,’ which he typed from his secret iPhone, according to Gizmodo, who obtained it for $5,000 from a patron who found the device… Gizmodo managed to speak briefly to Powell by phone, saying he sounded ‘tired and broken.’ There’s still no word on his future as a software engineer at Apple.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Gizmodo couldn’t care less for the future of this idiot smack.

    Scum, scum, scum.

    If I lost my key to my Ferrari and the guy who paid $5000 for the key and has my Ferrari would call me, I know what I would want do to this POS.

  2. Ya, no way this was a public stunt. I mean hey….

    You would think this guy would of had a mobile me account and used its tracking capability (I use mine all the time for when I foolishly leave my phone behind). Maybe sent a text to his phone offering up a reward. Nah, of course not.

  3. Apparently the guy who found the phone in the bar didn’t simply give it to the bar staff so the owner could retrieve it.

    That’s what any ordinary citizen would try to do, and such a lost item would be easily returned to it’s rightful owner.

    Instead the finder sells it to Gizmodo for $5k

    == Theft

  4. This is Apple’s cover up story!

    a) The guy should not be getting drunk at a bar with a prototype phone.

    b) Be more responsible with the device

    c) Apple should have put a return label on the back of the phone in case it was lost or stolen with a contact info

    d) Apple should have made OS 4 work with MobileMe so they could track the device.

    So many things Apple could have done and didn’t. Lost it? Lesson learned. Apple follow these 4 steps in the future.


  5. Powell awaits outside Steve’s Office.

    Everytime the Elevator Bell rings he gets the shivers…

    Steve: “So Powell. You’ve had a bad day. Why don’t we have a little talk… comeon follow me into the Elevator!”

  6. I got lucky with my iPhone a few weeks back. Went to a bar and whilst there bumped into a old co-worker who was having dinner with his family. I went over to talk to them for a few minutes and when I had come back my phone that I had left on the table had gone.

    Did the tracking thing and the phone was still in the bar. Thought that someone had pocketed it. However we called the server over and then the manager to ask what they could do. Apparently one of the bussers had thought we had left and saw the phone lying there. So it was put into the safe so it wouldn’t get nicked.

    Got my phone back and was mighty relieved. Gave the busser a big tip because he did do the right thing.

    I have to say that the Apple employee should not have taken his phone to the bar. Unless Apple specifically told him to take it everywhere common sense dictates that you leave those at home when going to the bar. It’s easy to get distracted when you’ve had a few beers;).

  7. Apple wiped the device- so obviously there was a way to track it and a mobile me account …

    This feature is Not exclusive to 4.0…

    Looks like the sensitive date was a bigger priority than the phone, therefore the wipe over the location…

  8. Why in the world would Apple let anybody take this top secret device out in the wild? Something that critical should have never been allowed to leave the company premises. I blame Apple more that the fall guy. What happened to the concept of security?

  9. Looking at that 4G iPhone it really looks like a prototype, and could be a geek/biz version of the iPhone with a A4 chip inside. Then the GS model would still be what most people would want, prices $99 -$199.

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