Weather HD app for iPad reveals why Apple may have just created a new billion dollar industry

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Much has been said and written about the magic of the iPad, how it would be the savior of industries, and how it would transform and reshape the world,” vimov blog reports.

“Having an application, Weather HD, in the Top 10 top-paid list, we wanted to share our early look into how the numbers really are, and what the iPad App Store is shaping to become,” vimov reports. “We will use our own sales numbers to estimate how everyone else is faring out, and how much the iPad App Store is worth.”

“Based on the sales and ranks of our very own Weather HD, we estimate that the Top 1,000 iPad paid applications are making about $372,000 per day, which sums up to about $136 million per year,” vimov reports. “This figure is based on there being only 500,000 iPads in the market, and is accounting only for the application sales in the United States. If the iPad App Store were to be like the iPhone’s, then 40-60% of the sales would occur internationally, so on average that figure would rise to become $272 million per year.”

“We believe this to be a conservative estimate,” vimov reports. “If the iPad were to enjoy a lucrative growth as the iPhone’s, which rose from 100 million downloaded applications in the first 2 months to 4 billion 19 months after, we can easily see the iPad’s App Store becoming a $1 billion per year market in 2 years.”

vimov reports, “This is quite remarkable. While Apple has re-invented how music is sold and played, and then went again to re-invent the mobile industry, the iPad is an entirely new market. Two weeks ago Apple did not just introduce a new type of computer, they put the seeds of a new market that is bound to make many developers and publishers… happier.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tim B.” for the heads up.]


  1. very annoying. can’t get to referenced article due to popup — something about lotus and ibm. moved that out of the way and got a M$ ad! and I have Safari’s pop up blocker enabled. come on, MDN, do something different.

  2. The funniest thing about developers is the ones that are hacks & shit, are the ones who paid a fortune for their education and afraid to grow with the industry. Personally I can program in about 6 internet languages because I’ve needed to. Once upon a time Perl running through CGI was the superior standard alongside buggy Java applets.

    HTML was grown, and the only developers complaining will be the ones who can’t keep up with the latest batch of graduates who already have the advantage of training in modern standards.

  3. I suppose it will help you yanks when the wind changes direction and blows the iclandic volcanic ash your way forca change. At least you’ll know whether or not it’s safe to hang your washing out or bother washing the car.
    Just my two pennorth from dear old pissed off (totally pissed off) blighty.

  4. @ Macduff,

    Prevailing winds in the Northern Hemisphere are from the west to the east. It’s the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. The ash will reach most North Americans after it has crossed Asia.

  5. I downloaded it, and it is very pretty. But I do not see the excitement about it. Just 4 day forecast and I know what rain, snow or sunshine looks like. I must be missing something here. Please explain how this is an improvement over Accuweather for instance.

  6. Haven’t you heard – there’s no Flash.

    well, Ron knows, but none of you other fanboys do.

    HughB – I think the point of the article is about the potential monetary size of the iPad App Store, not about how good/bad the Weather HD app is.

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