SproutCore debuts new HTML5 web development tools

Apple Online Store“The open source SproutCore framework–which Apple invested in to create its suite of MobileMe apps–has been cross-pollinating with HTML5 features to develop in new directions, including a new interface builder, rich support for multitouch, and a packaging system for sharing JavaScript code between projects,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider..

“At this weekend’s JSConf event in Washington DC, a variety of new JavaScript-related tools were demonstrated, providing new competition to the incumbent Adobe Flash in the area of creating rich web apps, but entirely within HTML5 without needing a proprietary browser plugin,” Dilger reports.

“JavaScript frameworks like SproutCore are used to ease the development of full blown web apps,” Dilger reports. “Unlike Adobe’s Flash, which is often used just to add interactive animations, videos or advertisements to a web page, SproutCore is intended to create rich Internet applications based entirely upon web standards, with no need for an external plugin architecture.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Note to advertisers: (including those who advertise via third-party ad networks and become, in effect, our advertisers): Your Flash-based ads are no longer reaching the most well-heeled customers online: 50+ million iPhone owners. They’re also not hitting brand new iPad users or 35+ million iPod touch users. If you care about reaching people with discretionary income, you might want to consider dumping your flash-based ads and moving to a more open format that people with money and the will to spend it can actually see.

Help kill Adobe’s Flash:
• Ask MarketWatch to offer HTML5 video via the customer support web form here.
• Ask CNBC to offer HTML5 video via the customer support web form here.
• Contact Hulu and ask them to offer HTML5 video via email:
• Ask ESPN360 to offer HTML5 video instead Flash via their feedback page here.
• Join YouTube’s HTML5 beta here.
• On Vimeo, click the “Switch to HTML5 player” link below any video.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. who cares about CNBC.

    entertainment: youtube, hulu, vimeo
    newspapers: NYT, Chicago papers, LAT, etc
    sports: espn, si.com, nfl, nba, mlb, nhl, ncaa

    ADOBE’s only around because of Photoshop. I think Macromedia was superior in some ways web dev/drawing/obviously media (flash)… but ADBE buys them out…

    but the deathblow for flash would definitely be: Youtube, hulu, espn, major sports sites…

  2. Uh. Do you like PDF’s? I prefer Adobe Lightroom over aperture.

    Aftereffects is a great app. There are tons of sites built off of Cold Fusion as well.

    My kids love the Flash game sites that nearly 100% of children sites utilize.

    Saying Photoshop is the only reason is bogus. And I am willing to guess that those saying it have pirated copies of it as well.

  3. I like pdf’s. Apple’s preview ’em just fine, thanks. Apple’s display technology in OS X, iirc, is built on pdf. Fortunately, it was released as an open standard in 2008, so you no longer need Adobe.

  4. Dear MDN,

    As an addendum to your plea to advertisers, I would also include all of us who have installed ClickToFlash, use Camino’s Flash block feature, or installed Firefox’s Flashblock plugin as missed opportunities.

  5. @spy
    I don’t want flash, I am part of all. Apple is wise to not be held captive to 3rd party plug ins. I don’t mill flash at all. Of course I don’t do porn so well you know.

  6. Great news about SproutCore.

    I’m amazed that there are still people out there that defend Flash. It reminds me of the folks who blindly defend IE.

    IT’S 2010, we can move on now from Flash, Silverlight, et al. to a plug-in free web!!!

  7. @bon
    “I’m amazed that there are still people out there that defend Flash”.

    Well lets see. How about the virtual tour industry for example? 360 Virtual tours have three ways to work.

    1) Through QTVR. Trouble is the functionality is very limited and the end user has to have Quicktime installed for it to work.

    2) Through a Java applet. Again limited and full screen option is very memory intensive.

    3) Using Flash with a web based plug-in like flashpanoramas.com’s great software. This offers you a ton of functionality enabled and configured via XML files that talk to the flash plug-in and ordinary images that are loaded in at runtime.

    So if you want to totally kill Flash without destroying the virtual tour industry then you need to get a well supported HTML5/Open-GL software version built, tested and full of functionality for the virtual tour industry to move over to..

    Don’t get me wrong. I dislike websites entirely built in Flash. But the Flash plug-in itself is needed for my industry and until an alternative is created we have no choice other than to use Flash to present virtual tours as nothing else is functionally good enough right now.

  8. Far be it for me to defend anything Micro$oft but let’s not heap SilverLight in the same pile as that steaming POS known as Flash. As rarely as i may have had occasion to use it, SilverLight has NEVER crashed any of my macs–nor has it taken my whole browser hostage like partially-loaded &/or hung Flash files.

    Flash is such an embarrassment that even M$ has made a better piece of software. It’s unfortunate that Flash has become as pervasive w/ developers as it has–in most cases when someone decides to use Flash it’s because their site has no other substance or game. Like the PowerPoint of the internets–keepd the attention away from how poor the speaker is..” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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