iPhone 4.0 to integrate Facebook support?

“Apple is planning deep Facebook integration for iPhone 4.0, evidence in the firmware is thought to show,” iPodNN reports.

“A file displaying Mail account type options includes a reference to the social network, presumably so that its messages can be treated in the same manner as e-mail from the likes of Exchange and Gmail,” iPodNN reports.

“Integration may extend throughout Apple apps however, as another file points to links with Contacts and Calendar,” iPodNN reports.

Full article here.


  1. A commenter on another site noted that Facebook was rumored to be creating its own email service a while back. So it’s possible this is just another email service option for the next iPhone OS update, in the same vein as the Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, etc. options today.

  2. I am so sick of Facebook. I am bored with it. It is lame. Southpark had a great take on fb.

    I don’t care about 80% of the crap people post on facebook.

  3. My Facebook name: Eye Haight Faysbook

    It’s bad enough I have that stupid ass Facebook account, thus I am proud to have no Facebook friends and no Facebook content. The only thing Facebook is useful for is as log-in once tool so I don’t need to create a new account on every webpage I visit.

  4. Please no Facebook integration. As others have said, it is a fad, a huge waste of time and a giant privacy black hole.

    Oh, and a great sexual predator site. Educate your kids and lock their accounts down. Just amazes me when I check one of my middle school kid’s friends and find they have their page wide open for any adults to see.

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