Apple’s iAds team making the rounds: Hill Holiday profiles their visit

Apple Online Store“Hill Holiday [a U.S. advertising agency] got a visit from the Apple iAds team headed by Quattro Wireless founder Andy Miller,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

1. They got a demo of the Toy Story ad. They liked not having to go into a browser.
2. Each banner published on the network will carry an iAd logo to differentiate it from the ads that do click into the browser.
3. Unlike browser-based ads, iAd ads can tap into all major OS features of the phone, from compass and accelerometer to the multitouch interface. In the beginning, all ads will be built (in HTML5) by the iAd team. In the future, Apple will release an iAd SDK.
4. Apple is selling the platform, not particular apps. This will be good news for small developers.
5. They are lining up “charter” advertisers for the June launch and they will be looking for high-quality creative. Initially, the network will work on iPhone and iPod touch only, with iPad coming some time in the future.
6. What Apple showed was impressive in its granularity.
7. The pricing isn’t that of remnant inventory, obviously — it is what you would expect from a premier online property. The pricing scheme struck them as very straightforward and elegant.

Full article with reactions from Hill Holiday staff members here.


  1. I hope iAds are being planned for non-iphones also… Wouldn’t make sense to have this new platform lose out because it caters exclusively to apple phones… That would be handing MS and Google a goldmine on a stick. Google & MS services/apps/ads on all devices including apple’s– makes sense to have iAd everywhere else, too…

  2. My stuff is a no commercial zone and will gladly pay more to keep this commercial bullshit out of my line of sight. Advertising is a blight upon humankind and those who create and market it are leeches on productive society.

    It’s amazing how for decades we could have stadiums without ‘naming rights’, bowl games without ‘official sponsors’ and television without superimposed lower thirds of animated bullshit covering the program. But as greed knows no end, media has seen fit to smear advertising on everything that will hold still long enough for a logo.

    There is a point of diminishing returns and advertising hit it a long time ago. What TV I watch these days is mostly sourced from channels without advertising, bought iTunes episodes without advertising or stuff I have DVRed and edited the commercials out of. I hate advertising and wouldn’t pee on an ad man if he were on fire.

    Mr Jobs, if you want to destroy your platform, brand and rep- sell everyone’s eyeballs for profit. Advertising is based upon fear, envy, greed, lust, misrepresentation, false-choices and half-thruths. Why would anyone want that bullshit on their Phone, Computer or Tablet?

  3. IShit you clearly are an idiot. You choose not to participate in advertising by paying for all your entertainment and such. This is great for you but there are others who can’t afford to pay and so don’t mind having ads in the free stuff they consume. I run a free forum with thousands of members like MDN does and it is ad supported so don’t have to charge a dime for members to be a part of it. What Apple is doing is just making ads on mobile devices tasteful. I hope one day when you have your own product you don’t advertise it.

  4. @iShit
    Sure, and you don’t sell any goods or services. You grow your own food in your back yard Kibbutz style and you don’t want to be bothered with any kind of commercial transaction or offering. It is good that 90% of the people don’t think like you.

  5. But for those who don’t like Flash pop-up and pop-out ads, how is this going to be different other than being in HTML 5? Users don’t care what’s under the hood–if it’s an annoyance, it’s an annoyance.

  6. While I am not particularly happy about Apple going into the Advertising business, I do see it as kind of a necessary evil.

    The comments by the Hill Holiday leaders are well worth the visit to the original article. The one I think is the most noteworthy:
    “Johnny Won, digital strategies:

    The big thing that iAd really does is it brings new thinking into the capabilities of mobile display advertising and it wasn’t brought to you by Google. Google has been badly lagging in all aspects of mobile and Apple probably saw the lack of innovation in the mobile advertising market and decided to put their stake in the ground. Let’s also be clear here that mobile display advertising isn’t yet a billion dollar business, this isn’t about the money for Apple but reshaping the industry as they saw fit.

    The bottom line for Apple is the continuing creation of new and free apps for the App Store…”

  7. @ iShit

    I really sympathize with your point of view! Your notes are exactly the motivation behind my opening sentence in my post above.

    However, I do recognize that we live in an imperfect world, and that advertising does support much of what get for “free.” In fact, this very website the content of which I value, is paid for by the ads. People work to put it together, they need to get paid.

    You are perfectly correct that our society is totally surrounded by advertising and that most people are hardly aware of it (especially younger people who never experienced a less inundated environment).

  8. @iShit

    “I hate advertising and wouldn’t pee on an ad man if he were on fire.”

    What if he wasn’t on fire?

    I am guessing that you are supported by a trust fund and live in a mountain cabin.

  9. @chaz

    “I do see Apple running into problems with Government free speech advocates by controlling what the content is that gets on it’s product.”

    You could hardly be more confused.

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