Apple to Adobe et al.: From now on, we’re in charge of our own destiny, thanks

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Over the years, it must have been embarrassing for Steve Jobs to swallow his contempt every time he had to invite an executive from Microsoft or Adobe to the stage at a keynote event to explain why their Mac product was behind schedule and inferior to their Windows version,” Kontra writes for counternotions.

“However, 2010 is not like 1994. Apple has money, mindshare and the hottest platform to no longer having to beg,” Kontra writes. “Today, Apple is more concerned about having to re-live its recent history — getting jerked around by Microsoft or held hostage by Adobe — than what it thinks would be manageable damage by a few developers that may leave its platform.”

Kontra writes, “Some may regard that as being arrogant. For Apple it’s the price of being in charge of its own destiny. To capitulate at the height of its newly found vigor would be suicidal. Suicidal Apple is no longer.”

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  1. Arrogance will only result in Apple being perceived as the New Microsoft.

    Apple needs to be careful in how Developers are treated. They are vitally important allies and not nuisance competition or second rate customers.

    Pogue’s warning hits the spot.

  2. QuickTime and it’s garbage code for windows. What’s apples excuse for it’s buggy integration into Windows based NLE’s including Adobe products? Works fine on the Mac. As does Flash on the PC.

    To me, it’s a bit disingeniuous to call out flash woes when your own video display app doesn’t perform well on Windows platform.

    Apple = Sony

  3. At this point, Microsoft not delivering Office apps for the ixxx only hurts Microsoft.

    Adobe is complaining, even though they do not have, and may never have, a fully functional Flash running on a mobil device. Their content creation package has a lot of life left in it, but the flash component of that is outdated and will/should die as fresh, more efficient, less buggy standards move into place – they had their chance and blew it.

  4. But Apple isn’t begging and pleading and calling names with MS to put Quicktime on WinMo 7 or the Zune or in MS MovieMaker (or whatever it’s called.) Or what if Apple created an WinMo7 version of iTunes. Should MS be forced to install it on WinMo 7 phones to prove they care about their customers? Or shouldn’t Nintendo be forced to put a version of iTunes on the new DS. After all, isn’t that what customers want and it would be so much fairer to the musicians.

  5. i’m a loyal apple guy–i have a macbook, iphone, and touch–but it really annoys me that apple doesn’t include support for flash on iphone and discourages jailbreaking. if anything, though, apple should really just buy adobe.

  6. @ Dancing Apeman,

    I’d bet that old Hound of Ulster would look like a wuss next to Ballmer the Berserker. He swings a mighty mean office chair.

  7. Buy Adobe Apple please please please then gut it of all it’s executives, and invade it with members from you FCP and osx team. Make bridge a more mac osx version, do something creative with flash and make Photoshop full optimized for Mac then do a dirty convert for Pc users.

  8. WetFX:

    Precisely, now let’s talk about the cherry on the top…

    Regardless of perception, any professional user who has ever had to deal with Adobe on any level knows how lazy and arrogant they are when it comes to Apple users. They go out of their way to point blaming fingers at you for using a Mac and point to Apple’ frequent system updates as the blame for all their software bugs.

    Apple warned Adobe many times and had to show them how to fix things by creating Preview, Aperture and HTML 5, not to mention Pages…They thumbed their noses literally.

    So David Pogue and anyone else who thinks Apple’s being arrogant is either blind or doesn’t know anything about software and code.


    Apple treats ball it’s developers and employees well but it sets a high bar. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen

    Let’s not forget:

    Heck, Windows doesn’t perform well on a Windows platform

  9. <
    Remember Bungie and what MS did to embarrass Steve and everyone

    Sorry friend, I don’t. If it isn’t to much trouble would you give me a reminder?
    (Not flame bait, I am being sincere)

  10. Apple no longer needs Microsoft or Adobe, as customers have alternatives. Adobe and Microsoft must now COMPETE on a level playing field, surviving on their software’s merits rather than their formal monopoly. If they can do that and remain viable on the LARGEST GROWING SECTOR OF COMPUTING, the Mac OS/X platform, then good for them and I will gladly consider their products for purchase.

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