Apple to Adobe et al.: From now on, we’re in charge of our own destiny, thanks

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Over the years, it must have been embarrassing for Steve Jobs to swallow his contempt every time he had to invite an executive from Microsoft or Adobe to the stage at a keynote event to explain why their Mac product was behind schedule and inferior to their Windows version,” Kontra writes for counternotions.

“However, 2010 is not like 1994. Apple has money, mindshare and the hottest platform to no longer having to beg,” Kontra writes. “Today, Apple is more concerned about having to re-live its recent history — getting jerked around by Microsoft or held hostage by Adobe — than what it thinks would be manageable damage by a few developers that may leave its platform.”

Kontra writes, “Some may regard that as being arrogant. For Apple it’s the price of being in charge of its own destiny. To capitulate at the height of its newly found vigor would be suicidal. Suicidal Apple is no longer.”

Full article – very highly recommended – here.


  1. I’m staying on Apple’s ship! i will live or die with Captain jobs decisions. I only buy apple and will continue to do so. If they decide to not use flash anymore, then i will be with them.

  2. I’m 1000% on this one. Through all the years, MS, Adobe has jerked Apple around long enough. Remember Bungie and what MS did to embarrass Steve and everyone with cool game that Mac users were salivating to have?

  3. ‘Some may regard that as being arrogant.’

    Absolutely not. It is a sign of intelligence. In any facet of life, if someone has repeated kicked you in your soft spot, you work on stopping it (unless you are a masochist). Steve is in the process of stopping it…..Period!

  4. Just remember it’s the computer not the gadgets. Pulling the best people off OSX and Apple COMPUTER development will delay the day when we are finally released from Adobe and Microsoft.

    PS – Lots of work for Apple to do on Aperture before I can ditch Photoshop – especially in the area of not having to sacrifice my hard drive (terminal fragmentation), speed, and reliability like we have to do now if we install and use Aperture

  5. There’s a note relevant to Google and Android there, too:

    “Users do not follow esoteric open/closed platform politics, they vote with their money for convenience, reliability and value.”

    If Android devices can deliver then people will buy them. But they won’t buy them just because of a rhetoric (or even an actuality) of openness.

    Of course, Google knows it has to deliver, and is trying to attract developers like anything. Pogue on that:

  6. For the professional, there is no Creative Suite replacement yet. And I have tried all of the Office alternatives and we still need Office at work.

    At home, I can easily live on only Apple software titles. But at work, the alternatives just aren’t’ there yet.

    I love Apple, but again, I feel they are more focus on consumer products and less on keeping professionals up to full speed.

  7. In my mind, this is what Apple has been doing over the last 15 years: Taking charge of its own destiny. In the 90s, Apple was almost completely at the mercy of Adobe, MS, Avid, Sears, CompUSA and Circuit City. But they recognized that strategically dangerous position and that’s why we have: iTunes, iTunes Media Store, the App store, iPhone SDK, Safari, iLife, iWork, Aperture, Logic, Final Cut and Apple retail stores to show off everything in the best light.

    All these products not only served to make money for Apple, they also served to break the strategic dependencies Apple had 15 years ago on other companies to showcase, exploit and maximize Apple computers, OS and software.

  8. Apple has other good reasons to make developers create apps in C languages than just to get back at Adobe. Trying to take short cuts to bring old flash apps over to the iPhone OS will cause unnecessary code, and poor UI. The SDK brought lots of developers to the Mac OS who would have never looked at a Mac before. So Apple wants them to write apps in same languages as a Mac hopeing getting some to start writing apps for Macs. Better performance for the iPhone and more Mac apps is the main reason. Sticking it to Adobe is just the cherry on top.

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