Apple files patent infringement lawsuit against Kodak

Interactive T-Shirts banner“In February, Eastman Kodak Company filed a patent infringement complaint with the US International Trade Commission against Apple Inc. over digital camera technology used in the iPhone,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“It was revealed today in court documents that Apple Inc filed a counter suit against Eastman Kodak on April 15, 2010,” Purcher reports. “The intellectual property patent suit was filed in the California Northern District Court”

Purcher reports, “Apple claims that Kodak has infringed on two of their granted patents [Apple Granted Patent 6,031,964: System and method for using a unified memory architecture to implement a digital camera device and Apple Granted Patent RE38,911: Modular digital image processing via an image processing chain with modifiable parameter controls] and lists the products under violation. Apple is seeking a trial by jury.”

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  1. Apple’s two granted patents are relevant to the cameras. The stupid patents that Kodak used against Apple were about software “objects.” The NeXT OS invented objects used in operating systems. So Apple’s case is on solid footing it appears. Portable devices with cameras are the future and Apple should take on kodak or whoever wants to tango in the courts with them. There’s a lot at stake here.

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  4. The patent system has raised the bar incredibly high for the small guys. First you have to attempt to patent your ideas that you believe are new. Then, if you actually attempt to develop and market a product based upon your ideas, you have to worry about the uncounted thousands of other patents upon which you might be unwittingly infringing that won’t pop out of the woodwork until after you become successful and are turning a profit.

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