Duke explores Apple’s iPad for fall 2010

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Next year, some Duke students will be able to play with Apple’s latest toy—and use it for classwork, too,” Rachel Sussman reports for The Duke Chronicle.

“The Duke Center for Instructional Technology is looking for ways to incorporate the iPad into the classroom, said Lynne O’Brien, director of academic technology and instructional services,” Sussman reports. “CIT plans to buy a number of iPads for faculty and students by this Fall. ‘We’re very interested in what the iPad might enable for education and research at the University.’ O’Brien said. ‘Duke is a leader in exploring the use of mobile devices with multimedia. I think we will do some kind of explorations with the iPad.'”

Sussman reports, “Members of the faculty can approach CIT with a research question and a plan to use the iPad in the classroom. If CIT approves the professor’s proposal, students will be provided with iPads to use in the course. After a semester, the professor must provide an evaluation of the device.”

“O’Brien said that so far, about eight to 10 faculty members have contacted CIT to learn more about the iPad,” Sussman reports. “‘I wouldn’t be surprised if in the Fall, we have at least half a dozen instructors doing some type of experiment with them over the course of the semester,’ she said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sam I.” for the heads up.]


  1. “The Duke University Computer Store currently has iPads for sale and has sold approximately six so far…”

    Tipping point – here we come! Ha! Ha!

    Before you start flaming me, I’m joking. Joking. I REALLY am an Apple fan. I just thought it was funny that they sold a grand total of…(I’m imagining hundreds)…6. I just found that funny in a dark humor sort of way.

    It’s like Ray Steven’s song, “RV” – …miles per gallon…we got three!”


  2. MusicDoc,

    In the last six years, the Boston Red Sox have won double the World Series Championships than have the Yankees.

    This result is despite the Yankees having the highest payroll in all of Major League Baseball, by far, for each of those six years.

    Obviously, the Red Sox are the ones who are doing their jobs, not the Yankees who have only HALF of the championships than the lower payroll Red Sox over the past six years.

    Therefore, using your own definition, the Yankees are the poor ball club who aren’t doing their jobs.

  3. The iPad’s great, but it’s not like you can send your kid off to college with an iPad and that’s it… they still need a computer to sync to… so, it would be (a really cool) additional device.

    And I’ve read the debates about how you don’t need to sync. Truth is, you do. If you want to update your software, you need to sync. If you want to reset/reboot/unfreeze it when it freezes up (which happens on the iPhone about twice/year), you need to sync. There are other examples… but basically it’s dependent on a master computer at some point.

    Now, needing to sync isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but reading these types of articles may confuse parents and students into thinking this can be their computer. It’s more like a really sophisticated notepad (or Trapper Keeper if you can remember back that far).

  4. @ TigerCliff

    Hopefully, the iPad may follow the “90-10” rule for students, too. For 90% of the students, an iPad will do all but 10% of what they need to do. The others need computers. For the the 90%, there are open computer labs for the 10% of the tasks they need to do on the ‘bigger’ machine. At least it’s a design worth exploring…

  5. Let’s see majors that having an iPad only would be useless for…..

    1) Accounting
    2) Math
    3) Any Engineering
    4) Chem
    5) MIS
    6) Comp-sci
    7) Statistics

    Looks like the psych majors, with a minor under-water basket weaving, will benefit from having a iPad only academic career. Now anyone going to college trying to learn the skills needed to design and create an iPad like device, or program an iPad like device, or create better polymers for an ipad like device, etc. will get a crappy education if forced to use an iPad and only an iPad. Sounds like, in the education market, the iPad has a built in job security feature for Apple employees.

    just my $0.02

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