U.S. National Security Agency chief loves his Apple iPad, calls it ‘wonderful’

“In a congressional hearing [yesterday], Apple’s wonder-tablet received the very unofficial endorsement of the country’s top security geek,” Andy Greenberg reports for Forbes.

“The hearing was aimed at determining whether the head of the National Security Agency, Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, will lead the U.S. Cyber Command, and produced few surprises,” Greenberg reports. “He mentioned, with no prompting, that he owns an iPad, and with very little prompting, that it is ‘wonderful.'”

Greenberg reports, “‘I am a technologist. I love computers. I have a new iPad,’ Alexander told the committee of Senators…”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “qka” for the heads up.]


  1. I love this bit at the end of the article…

    From the Congressional Quarterly transcript:

    Udall: I’m tempted to get a critical review of the iPad, but perhaps we can do that–

    Alexander: Wonderful.

    Udall: Wonderful. I will put that on — for the record.

  2. Businesses, healthcare, education and military sales all translate to a real avalanche of corporate and steady sales that will definitely be a bloodbath and that’s not even anticipating a hysterical international worldwide launch…

    Extrapolate those projected numbers and Apple is an easy $1000 stock.

  3. I agree. I’ve already been on the fence watching the stock go from 200 to almost 250. The worldwide demand for this thing is going to be so huge that Apple is going to have to come up with a very ingenious way to manufacture so many in the time frame required to satisfy the demand. The only thing that could stop this train would be lots more earthquakes and volcanos or WWIII!

  4. Let’s hope his love doesn’t spend on a backdoor in the OS. Unlikely, as the EFF folks do keep sharp eyes out on that kind of thing, but that’s way over my head.

  5. @Breeze
    I basically agree with you except $1000 is a bit much at this point.
    Let’s wait for $500 within two years, OK ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    Then after that at $800 another two years!!!!
    So exciting after that point because it will be very doable to get to $1000/share = AAPL in seven years from now = Jan. 2017
    Split before that?
    What would be the revenue?
    Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Go Apple!!!!!!!!!!

  6. iAppleTennisU:-):

    I would have thought 4-5 years, but at the rate professional and enterprise interest is burning and specialized proprietary development interests look to be lining up, Professional and enterprise orders will be massive and fast. This looks to be a house on fire.

    iPad’s potential will really be unleashed once Apps mature and allow it’s endless possibilities to be obviously glaring. I really think you’ll see Apple make up for a few lost years of stunted stock momentum growth faster than that.

    Nobody’s got a crystal ball but if you really look at all Apple’s revenue streams and product pipelines which are all blazing trails and allow for the still unleashed future ones to be as significant, you must see that this is not a stretch…

    Apple’s time has finally come – It’s here to stay and Jobs will make sure that it stays on top of it’s game.

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