Steve Jobs questions sanity of emailer claiming international iPad deception: ‘Are you nuts?’

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple chief executive Steve Jobs this week continued to showcase his own flavor of public relations management, asking one supporter if he was insane to suggest the company had mislead international customers with regard to iPad availability,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “Apple announced Wednesday that initial demand for the new device has been far higher than anticipated, causing the company to make ‘the difficult decision to postpone the international launch of iPad by one month, until the end of May.'”

Marsal reports that for one Paul Shadwell, “this disappointment soon bled into frustration and anger, prompting an email to Jobs over the matter. In particular, Shadwell chastised the Apple co-founder for holding back international pricing information and details from customers while Americans prance around with their iPads. He also accused Jobs of repeating false claims regarding the timing of the international rollout just one week ago, when he told journalists at the iPhone 4.0 preview event that the iPad remained on track for an international launch in late April.”

“Twice to my knowledge you have falsely stated international availability of the iPad and while I do not believe this is any fault of your own,” Shadwell said in his email to Jobs, “I can imagine that you are not happy being shown as deliberately pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds eyes.”

“Are you nuts?” Jobs responded. “We are doing the best we can. We need enough units to have a responsible and great launch.”

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  1. We in Europe are used to wait – especially for Apple stuff.
    Americans usually aren’t prepared to be told that something is not available right-now on-the-spot.
    So, Apple choose the lesser of the evils.
    It’s OK for me, I’m not really holding my breath for an iPad.

  2. This is the typical thinking of the US people I guess. They always complain that their rights have been ripped off and they believe they are the warrior of all-kind-of-rights. Human rights, customer rights, employee rights, CEO’s rights…

    Unbelievable. Can they be a bit more patient or just plainly show some virtue not pushing Apple that hard for delivering their ‘beloved’ iPad?

    No wonder the US people think that Obama sucks. He sucks because of the general public are suck. Everyone think that the Wall Street’s crap can be fixed by injecting botox here and botox there into the economy. Do they know that their society is having a radical and structural problem that should be rebuilt in a less botox-way?

    Apple shouldn’t give those unschooled mind a shit!

  3. “”Are you nuts?” is not questioning sanity or asking him if he’s insane. People say that all the time and it’s not meant to be taken literally. “

    Actually, the literal interpretation of “Are you nuts?” would not be questioning their sanity but if they were cashew or filbert.

  4. I must be nuts. Here I am not only reading these posts, but actually replying to them. Just to get my mind of the bloodbath going on at the stock market I guess.

  5. Bwahaha, I can even *hear* Steve’s voice in the wording of his reply!

    It perfectly captures Jobs’ incredulity over the depth of the accusations – only Apple haters continue to concoct these bizarre “9/11 was faked” kind of conspiracy theories against Apple with no basis in reality. Steve’s response was actually very reasonable under the circumstances – it’s just that everyone’s focusing on the first few words and forgetting the rest.

    @ Escalation – Are you nuts? Steve’s doing the best he can. He would need to receive a more sensible and polite email to have a calmer response. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Two minutes after Paul Shadwell unboxes his iPad, all that drama will be forgotten and he’ll be purring like a snuggly kitten.

    I remember witnessing outrage from a friend who couldn’t get his 1st gen iPhone activated for days. The target that time was AT&T;, but once the phone was on, it was “what outrage? I love my iPhone.”

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