RUMOR: Apple in advanced discussions to adopt AMD chips

Apple Online Store“Intel has served as Apple’s sole source for the microprocessors used in its notebook and desktop personal computers since the company began its transition away from PowerPC in 2006, but that may soon change given the company’s recent talks with Intel’s chief CPU rival Advanced Micro Devices,” Kasper Jade and Prince McLean report for AppleInsider. “Representatives for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD have recently been seen on Apple’s Commuter Coach buses, and executives for the chipmaker have been spotted on their way out of meetings with members of Apple’s top brass, according to people familiar with the matter.”

“The meetings have reportedly included briefings by AMD that have since enabled Apple to begin working with AMD processors in its labs as part of an initiative to position the chips inside some of the company’s forthcoming products,” Jade and McLean report. “While AMD offers a variety of embedded processors, Apple is believed to be investigating the chipmaker’s workstation and notebook class CPUs.”

Jade and McLean report. “It is believed that Apple is working with AMD to expand its potential sources for CPUs in order to increase its flexibility and broaden its competitive options, but also likely in response to problems it has encountered with Intel. These issues include limited availability of new processors (which is rumored to have slowed Apple’s notebook refreshes) as well as new chipset designs imposed by Intel that have blocked the Mac maker’s plans to continue a partnership with NVidia to deliver a standardized chipset for use with its Intel processors across all of its consumer computer offerings.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. At present AMD unfortunately isn’t competitive in a way that would be useful to Apple, but let’s hope that that will change again.

    Building and maintaining bridges to AMD just in case is certainly good practice, and be it just to keep Intel on their toes.

  2. This is a ridiculous article. Apple is not switching to AMD Chips. Given the issues they just had with the ATI GPUs from them and the hassle it gave them on the iMacs, I doubt Apple has much faith in them.

    If they are in talks about anything, its probably about better integration of the ATI GPUs.

  3. This may help explain the denial of non-Objective-C compilers for iPad – should Apple want to take the 175,000 apps and recompile them for another processor designed by Apple (PA Semi) and manufactured by AMD.

  4. At the least, it’s a way to get Intel’s attention. This sort of “evaluating” the options, i.e., putting the screws to another company or a government is simply SOP for big business and sports franchises.

  5. Won’t happen. It’s not just that AMD has nothing comparable to Intel’s latest i-series CPUs. It’s that Intel has provided dozens (at least) of engineers to work exclusively with Apple on its designs. Can AMD, perennially on the verge of failure, offer as much? Intel just had a blowout quarter, so it can easily afford to provide Apple every assistance it needs.

  6. Man people love to jump on the least little thing.

    I’m sure Apple is talking to AMD about chips, Verizon about iPhones, Microsoft about search and probably even HP about slates.

    It would be an issue if they weren’t. Apple should always be discussing potential choices with alternative vendors, it’s just good business.

  7. Apple is way too concerned about power consumption and Theta-jc to work with AMD’s current suite of chips…but AMD’s first big business deal was making 80286’s for Intel in 80’s. Intel couldn’t keep up with the demand for those IC’s. Maybe Apple’s current A4 supplier can’t keep up with demand????

    just my $0.02

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