Laptop Mag reviews Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Core i7: Editors’ Choice, no other system comes close

Apple Online Store“Nearly a year has passed since Apple released its updated 15-inch MacBook Pro, featuring a unibody aluminum construction, SD Card slot, and a longer-lasting lithium ion battery,” Michael A. Prospero reports for Laptop Magazine.

“Now, the Cupertino-based company has incorporated a few important upgrades under the hood to supercharge this elegant machine (starting at $1,799; $2,199 as configured),” Prospero reports. “These enhancements include the long-awaited Intel Core i7 processor, capable of overclocking on the fly, and automatic graphics-switching technology that makes moving from integrated to discrete graphics mode all but invisible to the user.”

“Best of all, even with the jump from Core 2 Duo to Core i7, Apple has managed to deliver all-day battery life,” Prospero reports. “These are collectively welcome improvements, but are they enough to justify the premium? Yup.”

Prospero reports, “Apple has once again produced a well conceived and well designed notebook that smartly integrates the latest cutting edge technologies in a way that is unique. Not only is the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro powerful, but it lasts a long time on a charge… If you want a big screen, excellent battery life, and plenty of muscle in a compact package, no other system comes close.”

Full reviews here.


  1. My friend spent $7900.00 on the previous model six weeks ago, a 13” and a 17”, plus bells and whistles. He was a BIG Windows business guy. He’s a little ticked off to say the least. If he’d only checked with me first. The new Macs had been in the wind for a while.

  2. Too bad that Apole still continues to use that stupid combined input/output audio jack in their latest MBPs. This is a real pain in the ass for people who want to do audio work. All the processing horsepower in the world doesn’t speed your workflow if you have to spend time swapping input and output cables. This mania for fewer ports has really gone too far.

  3. @JB Tipton
    The MBPro does not use a combined audio input/output jack.
    They have discreet digital audio input and output jacks.
    You have confused the Pros w the entry level MacBook.

  4. As for the actual review, this is the money quote (as MDN excerpted in their title): “If you want a big screen, excellent battery life, and plenty of muscle in a compact package, no other system comes close.” Amen!

    My late 2007 MacBook Pro is still serving me very well, but when my extended AppleCare runs out later this year I’ll most likely be snapping up the model they reviewed here. Great to hear they’re such excellent machines!

  5. @JBTipton
    You’re doing audio work and you’re using the headphone/audio In socket? What sort of audio work are you doing – making an answering machine for a cans+string telephone maybe? Have you heard of a splitter? Have you heard about USB port sound recorder/processors?
    What a silly comment.

  6. Spent a fortune on Apple this last 12 months. But, next to the UniBody replacements, my 2006 MBPro 17 looks rather shabby …. as if held together by plastic strips and glue (it isn’t of course).
    Oh hell, where’s my wallet got to when I need it …?
    But then Mr Anand at AnandTech says better wait till Q2 or 3 2011 for a significantly faster chip …
    What to do? Decisions. Compulsions. Inaction.

  7. @ron,

    I *had* to buy a 13″ MBP about 6 weeks ago. I had been waiting and waiting and waited until the last day before my trip to Europe.

    The new 13″ is better, no doubt, but not that much better. The old one can be sold on Craigslist or eBay and the price difference if spread out over 6 weeks doesn’t make for a bad rental.

  8. @ JB Tipton-
    why are you even bothering with 1/8th inch audio jacks for “audio work”? there are several (and when i say several, i mean a big, heapin’ bunch) of USB I/O units available for audio recording/production at varying price points and levels of complexity. even audiophile outboard USB D/A converters if that’s your kind of thing. i know… i’ve done extensive searches for them. no offense JB but if you can’t find them… you ain’t lookin’ very hard.

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