Apple is taking back personal computing crown from pretender Microsoft

“Pundits are declaring mobile the new PC. The number of mobile phones far outstrips the number of desktops. Mobile phones are available to people in the developing world who never had an opportunity to buy or even use a PC. With phones becoming smarter, there will be even less need for people to own PCs. Microsoft has dominated the PC-based world ever since it drove Apple close to extinction in the mid ’90s,” Saad Fazil writes for VentureBeat. “But with Apple’s strong footing in mobile, its recent release of a larger, tablet form factor, iPad, also based on its mobile iPhone OS, and more form factors likely on the way to challenge the traditional PC, we may be in for a rematch.”

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, Saad. (There’s a reason why Bill Gates took his marbles and went home when he did; even he could see it coming.)

Fazil continues, “Several companies realize that the future lies in mobile. Google, with its obsession about mobile advertising and its foray into the mobile OS space with Android, is a good example. And Microsoft is certainly rethinking its strategy with Windows Phone. But while these and other players develop their mobile strategies, Apple has already built a huge lead, not only with its powerful iPhone operating system, but with the vast number and variety of applications available on that OS. The jury’s still out on whether Apple’s iPad will be the huge success many expect it to be. But even so, the app development community has so much faith in Apple’s ecosystem that we’ve seen startups and bigger companies racing to join a gold rush of app development for the platform. There are more than 150,000 apps available on iPhone and a lot more to come on iPad.”

MacDailyNews Note: There are currently 185,531 apps in Apple’s App Store as of publication. Oops, make that 185,532. Uh, 185,533… You get the idea. Note also that Fazil has underreported the number of apps in Apple’s App Store by approximately the total number of apps available for distant runner up: Google Android (although his “more than” serves as an out of sorts).

Fazil continues, “Now that Apple’s gained a solid foothold in the mobile market, there’s nothing to stop it from expanding its mobile OS and mobile devices — from smartphones and tablets to other, more computing-intensive devices — until it’s once again in a face-to-face fight with Microsoft for dominance of the computing market. And if it does, this time I believe it’ll win.”

MacDailyNews Take: BINGO!

Fazil explains “how Apple could use its lead in the mobile market to redefine the PC industry, and unlike Microsoft, which has gone mobile by stripping down its Windows operating system to create Windows Mobile, will move up the market, from smartphone to PC-like device, by growing its iPhone OS to support new kinds of functionality and devices” in the full article – highly recommended despite our assorted wiseassery above – here.


  1. “The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That’s over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it’s going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years, or certainly for the rest of this decade.” Steve Jobs

  2. Apple already redefined, in fact created, the PC market. The Mac has always been leagues superior.

    Those who do not know this right down into their bones are woefully out of touch with reality and history.

    Apple has simply continued its vast superior command of computing into the mobile sphere.

  3. Taking back?

    How can you take back what was never yours in the first place? The entire planet is grateful to Microsoft for fending off the scourge of overpriced Windows wannabe proprietary computers for elitists made by MAC. Why do these uninformed writers try to rewrite history? And before you declare MAC some sort of winner in the mobile space don’t forget innovative Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been released yet. When that happens it’s buh-bye MAC.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. Microsoft is IBM of the late 80’s, miss guided… Google is the new Microsoft, they will try to do the same thing to Apple that Microsoft did way back in the day… This time Job’s is in charge & I don’t think Apple will take this with a spit of KY!!!

    Nuff said, PEACE!

  5. Apple opens the development to all and stops censoring and starts allowing interoptivity between applications, desktops have nothing to fear. It’s coming. Butright now it’s not nearly a replacement. I mean you cant even print. Sure it’s coming. But let’s not jump the gun with all the accolades and predictions of doom and gloom for the desktop.

  6. “How can you take back what was never yours in the first place?”

    Look up the Apple II.

    To be honest, when you start to hear the details about the original Mac, its no surprise it died a horrible death. The price was insane (much more that it needed to be to be profitable) and you needed to buy an even more expensive Lisa to code for the thing. Who’s genius/dick idea was that??

    Even the tiny Macintosh SE I first played with as a kid, was several thousand dollars for a tiny b/w display. Crazy

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