The Microsoft Tax: DNS Windows PC Trojan poses as iPhone unlock utility; Mac and iPhone unaffected

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“An application that offers to unlock iPhones is actually designed to hijack internet connections on compromised Windows PCs, security watchers warn,” John Leyden reports for The Register.

“Spam messages direct potential victims to a domain called that offers links to download a Windows executable called blackra1n.exe,” Leyden reports. “The application claims to offer an unlock utility but instead it changes default DNS settings on infected Windows PCs, hijacking internet connections in the process… ‘The Trojan attempts to change the preferred DNS server address for several possible Internet connections on the users’ computers to 188.210.[REMOVED],’ BitDefender explains. ‘This allows the malware creators to intercept the victims’ calls to reach internet sites and to redirect them to their own malware-laden versions of those sites.'”

Leyden reports, “The Trojan affects only the host Windows PC, not any connected iPhone.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. Can we expect a statement from Adobe’s CEO about the way Microsoft “hurts” consumers by allowing their mainstream desktop OS to act as host for this kind of crap?

    “Hurts” as in genuinely hurts, not simply “maintains quality control on the applications running on its platforms to ensure a consistent high-quality user experience”.

    No, of course not.

    Because he wouldn’t want to upset his chums in Redmond.

  2. I call it a Windows stupidity fine.
    The Windows Tax is the high cost of running Windows in terms of extra cost, lost cpu cycles, and reduction in available RAM because of the need to run security, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware. Windows itself is not free even when buy a new system. And well lets face facts here Linux is Free and is more secure then the bloated Windows Pig. So, Why a generic PC user user would want Microsoft with it’s vastly inferior Windows OS over Linux that is cheap to run (Free), has fewer security issues, fewer viruses, is much faster, has vastly superior memory management over Windows, does not have the OS Bloat of WIndows, the instability of Windows, has not bit rot unlike Windows with has heavy bit rot issues and Linux doesn’t have the Microsoft patented easy exploit OS code (known as com (aka ActiveX) ) Spaghetti coded through the os from the Kernel into the UI and around and out of the drivers.

    Flush Microsoft and Windows.


  3. Ray,
    I hear that, “all platforms are vulnerable to malware” from the apple haters all the time and it is just equivalency bulls__t.

    While specifically true it is practically false. It is like saying that a dripping faucet in the laundry tub is equivalent to a ruptured water main sending a geyser 6′ in the air in your front yard because they are both water leaks.

    While both are water leaks, one is almost inconsequential and easy to fix (tighten down on the faucet handle a bit) or ignore (no real harm will come of it) While the other cannot be ignored is difficult and costly to fix and causes more and more damage the longer it is permitted to continue.

  4. Big Als MBP,
    Were you aware that America is the most charitable country in the world. Americans give (voluntarily and individually) far more of their income to less fortunate individuals and causes worldwide than ANY other country.
    This is above and beyond the US government’s aid and charity.

    Perhaps that is about to change

    Maybe that is the “change” I keep hearing about.
    Would be a sad day indeed.

  5. You lemmings, MAC sheep, I’d rather have this kind of trojan on a REAL operating system in my Dell, let those hijackers steal all my money and my identity, than having a nice niche product like MAC.

    Your misery, our fault®.

  6. @Uncle Fester’s cousin

    Got any more like that. Pure, simple, genius. I need gems like this to help the ignorant understand the truth.

    Why not come up with my own? The 80’s. I should have said “No” way more often.

    However, I did retain enough brain cells to drive me (on my own) to Apple. BTW – I’m the head of IT and we are running, Microshaft. Great work.

  7. @Tune Zang

    Are you serious? Why in the world would you come onto a “Mac” site and spew your venomous lie?

    I have the answer: You’re an emasculated individual, probably never been laid a day of your life, live in your parents basement at 37 years old, and the only things remotely close to romance in your life is a hot tub of yogurt.

    Please, for the love of God, do all of us a favour, and stay off this site. Please get out of your parents basement, put down the tub of yogurt, pull your pants up, and get a life.

    I’ve read way too much of your insane mental ramblings to last me a lifetime.

    Get on some meds.

  8. @Just an IT guy: Um, no, you see Tune Zang was satirizing Zune Tang, who in turn fancies himself as a satirizing PC users.

    Of course, it’s also possible that your response is intended as a satiric take on responses to Zune Tang. What a confusing world we live in.

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