Cable companies join forces to offer free Wi-Fi in NYC area to their high-speed Internet customers

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Customers of Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc. and Cablevision Systems Corp. will soon be able to use their Wi-Fi-enabled devices in the New York metropolitan area even if they’re out of range from their local cable company,” Yinka Adegoke reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Take: NYC-area iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users rejoice!

“The three companies said on Thursday that they had reached an agreement to allow their respective high-speed Internet customers to roam freely across each of their Wi-Fi networks with devices like laptop computers and Apple Inc’s iPad,” Adegoke reports. “Customers can access all three Wi-Fi services and sign on to their own provider’s network.”

Adegoke reports, “All three cable companies jointly cover most of the New York City metropolitan area, including parts of New Jersey.”

Full article here.


  1. Thank you, Predrag, for injecting a dose of reality. As the article makes clear, the cable operators are banding together to beat back competition from the telcos — that’s all this is about. It’s also part of the larger strategy of the cable operators to break free from the confines of wired services — e.g., Comcast’s “TV Everywhere” initiative.

  2. @ Original Jake
    Ripped of? No way.

    3 dual PVRs, over 300 cable chanels, one iPhone, 2 other smartphones with data plans, 2 home/2 business lines, an international LD plan, ultra-highspeed internet, etc., etc., etc.

    Oh. The 300 includes taxes.

  3. Times square is supposed to have free wifi from yahoo my iPhone didn’t get any signal tho union square park is supposed to have free wifi and it’s slow as hell as well mc donalds has free as well from AT&T;my iPad didn’t work their tho either no point if these companies don’t maintain them in good working condition

  4. @MDmac
    Wait…that is a combined monthly fee of $300 using different services, which is completely different than what we are talking about here. Also 300 a month is way too low…you’re missing a Benjamin in there.

    This is just for the internet cost…if you get high speed internet in NYC then you can receive free WIFI across the city from all 3 main subscribers.

  5. @Something doesn’t make sense

    You are right. Its 328.

    But with a communication company that provides all the three services, family plans and bundled packages in addition to being in the right place at the right time, there are savings galore.

    Interested in what you define as ‘free’ wi-fi. What is the range? Is it blanket service? Is it like in Miami that it only covers up the 2nd floor. Or is it just ‘hot spots’?

    As for offering an iPad as part of the incentive to acquire or keep a customer, it is no different than AT&T;that paid Apple the difference of the iPhone’s list price for each data plan they sold. Just that everybody didn’t take into account that they incrementally paid off the hardware over two years. Just like every other wireless company that provides so-called ‘free’ or subsidized cell phones.

    Just one other thing. There is no ‘free’ wi-fi. We pay for hit in the coffee we drink, the taxes we pay, the schools we attend, heck the planes we fly in.

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