Apple patent application details new iTunes ‘Concert Ticket +’ system

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“There’s no missing the point that Apple wants to enter the electronic concert and event ticket business via a new application and system simply called ‘Concert Ticket +,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The system that is laid out in this extraordinarily detailed patent, points to a new iTunes based web service for tickets that will naturally enhance the iTunes music empire. Apple definitely envisions a way to revolutionize the entire current concert ticket process so as to eliminate paper while enhancing the concert or event experience,” Purcher reports. “Today’s patent reviews the basics of this new system as well as review the benefits of such a system which could include the concert goer receiving such things as a live recording of the concert they just attended or access to exclusive artist interviews or refreshments.”

Purcher reports, “Surprisingly, the patent goes far beyond concerts as well – so as to cover sporting events, amusement park admissions and rides (think Disney), a wedding invitation system and a lot more. In fact, one of the events that the report covers includes Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2010.”

Much more int he full article, including patent application illustrations, here.


  1. Is it just me? Isn’t Apple Inc. beginning to look like a greedy corporation? They appear to want a piece of every pie. If they’re going to get into everything that comes along, they’d better start paying stock dividends.

  2. @Big Als MBP

    Most of the new services add value to the Apple plattform, and are not motivated by direct profit. Look at the iTunes Store Musik Store, which have huge revenues but run almost at break even.
    This “Apple greed” provides the same or cheaper prices but much more convenience to Apple customeres.

  3. “Is it just me? Isn’t Apple Inc. beginning to look like a greedy corporation?” Believe me, sir . . . It’s just you, at least in this shareholder’s house.

    Tell us, Big Al, at what point should a successful, innovative, growing company (remember the 90% market share above it?) say to its shareholders and customers, “THAT’S IT. WE CAN–AND SHOULD–DO NO MORE. LET SOMEBODY ELSE OF LESSER INTELLIGENCE, DRIVE, ABILITY, AND CREATIVITY HAVE A SHOT AT THIS.”

    Hmmm. Sound a little familiar? Like wanting to spread the wealth around a bit?

    No thanks. Let the law of nature prevail: The successful survive and thrive. The others are left behind for the wolves.

  4. @Big Als MBP

    I don’t mind that Apple is branching out, I find this to be a good thing, a REAL GOOD THING. Every time that Apple enters a market, they transform it, and transform it for the better. As far as I am concerned, Apple needs to enter more markets and transform them. I would love to see the death of Ticketmaster and their $16 fees. Everything is digital, fees should be less, not more.

    Apple, if you are reading this, and want to know other markets that you should get into and transform. Please contact me, I have some ideas…

  5. Here’s a relevant Steve Jobs quote pertinent to BigAl’s MBP’s concern (about Apple becoming too big, etc):

    …”Think about it. Some very good product people invent some very good products, and the company achieves a monopoly. But after that, the product people aren’t the ones that drive the company forward anymore. It’s the marketing guys or the ones who expand the business into Latin America or whatever. Because what’s the point of focusing on making the product even better when the only company you can take business from is yourself?”

    Apple is acutely aware of the danger of complacency in a top dog spot. We need not worry. As long as there’s Jobs (and guys like him) at the helm, they’ll continue to innovate like crazy.

  6. @Big Als MBP:

    If you think about all the revenue opportunities and Eco systems all Apple’s products, services and development opportunities create for theirs parties and innovative partners or entrepreneurs,
    I would hardly consider that ” not sreading the wealth around” and furthermore, from all reports, there are countless companies and individuals that are making more money than ever before making suplimentary software and peripherals for all of Apple’s products.

    This is actually the epitome of spreading the wealth…

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