What else to get with your iPad?

“For $499 you can get Apple’s iPad, a power adapter, a cable for connecting to a computer and not much else — other than an overwhelming urge to spend at least $200 more,” Jessica Mintz reports for The Associated Press. “The advertised price for the least expensive iPad might help entice more than just the well-to-do geek elite, but the cost of owning one usually turns out to be higher.”

“To protect this sparkling gem of a gadget, you might pick out a $39 neoprene cover,” Mintz reports. “If you want to use the iPad more like a laptop and type on keys rather than a touch screen, you’ll need a $69 keyboard dock.”

Mintz reports, “The iPad comes with basic applications, including a Web browser, e-mail program, YouTube video player and a mapping program, but you’re likely to want other apps that cost a few bucks each, plus songs, videos and e-books.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Jessica obviously had to hit a deadline.


  1. She could be talking about buying a Chevy, a home, a Dell (any), or a horse. Unless you are buying a replacement goldfish, chances are pretty good you are going to be spending money to customize your purchase. When I get mine (v2 or v3, largest RAM available, WiFi) I’ll be getting Numbers, Pages and Bento along with it. And GarageBand, if it’s available. There will certainly be more, but much of that will be “free”.
    Apple never said “one size fits all”, they said “this is magic, look at what you can do with it”. Of course, then all the nay-sayers started saying “look what you CAN’T do with it”. And the Apple Faithful said “uh … yeah … so?”.

  2. Bluetooth keyboards work just fine with the iPad, according to an acquaintance; just might not be able to use them on a plane. And most folks I know end up spending the same or more on a padded sleeve or special case for laptops as that iPad sleeve referenced; big fat deal.

  3. I was going to get the keyboard but have a bluetooth with my iMac. But I found that I can type very well with my thumbs in the portrait position. I can do the landscape too but not quite as fast. I am so happy. My large hands means I have to type with one finger on my iPhone and I expected that with the iPad. It is easy to type standing up, I find the 1.5 lbs no problem. I do have the Apple case on it, I find the aluminum just to slippery. I am getting the camera attachment when it is available.

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