OWC and DIGLLOYD offer ultra-high-performance Mac upgrade service: MPG Pro Laptop

Apple StoreDIGLLOYD MacPerformanceGuide.com (MPG), a leading resource on Mac configuration and performance optimization, and hardware vendor Other World Computing (OWC) are have announced a new Mac laptop upgrade service, the MPG Pro Laptop™.

Following on the heels of the MPG Photo Workstation, the MPG Pro Laptop upgrades any recent model MacBook Pro to 8GB of memory and dual internal drives, offering any of the following combinations:

1) Dual 100GB or 200GB enterprise-grade solid state drives, for a 200GB or 400GB capacity offering approximately 4 times the drive performance compared to a conventional hard drive.

2) One 100GB or 200GB solid state drive paired with a 500GB 7200 hard drive, allowing internal Time Machine backup capability and/or additional data storage.

3) Dual 500GB 7200 rpm hard drives as a RAID-0 mirror, so that either drive can fail without loss of functionality.

In perhaps an industry first, each MPG Pro Laptop ships only after a rigorous 8-hour burn-in test to ferret out any weak components before the customer receives it.

The MPG Pro Laptop targets professional photographers, graphic designers, and audio/video producers. Performance gains with large files are dramatic with with the SSD configurations. See http://MacPerformanceGuide.com/OptimizingPhotoshop-MBP-OWC_Mercury_Extreme-SSD.html.

“The MPG Pro Laptop will reset your expectations of what a laptop can deliver, it’s a personality transplant!,” explains MacPerformanceGuide author and researcher Lloyd Chambers, in the press release. “The MPG Pro Laptop setup maximizes the ability of the new Core i7 processor to run full throttle.”

Each MPG Pro Laptop is configured and tested to-order, and can be fully customized. Optional consulting is also available directly from Mac Performance Guide author Lloyd Chambers to walk customers through choosing the right configuration and backup strategy based on their particular needs.

For details, including technical specifications, the ordering process, and to request a quote, please visit: http://macperformanceguide.com/bto-mbp.html

Source: Other World Computing


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