Apple Genius Betty White stops by Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to chat about iPad (w/ video)

After “Craig’s Spanish Word of the Day,” Apple Genius Betty White stops by CBS’ Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to chat about iPad:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

MacDailyNews Take: The fact that they bothered to carefully cover the Apple logo (that everybody knows is there, logo tapers!) when Betty’s bit includes an Apple-logoed (however backwards and unbitten it may be) shirt is either just plain silly. What do you think, intentional or unintentional joke?

Betty White rulz!

BTW: The iPad wannabes will get the same type of treatment on the first Tuesday after never.

[Attribution: Gizmodo. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually.]


  1. LOL, the Apple logo’s “stem” is pointing the wrong way (I’m sure that was intentional too).

    Haha… When Craig asks why she was working a the Genius Bar… “I saw the word BAR.”

  2. Yep. Stem is facing the wrong way; and there’s no “bite”.

    I’ve come to enjoy Craig. He doesn’t take himself or his show seriously, calling it “crap – for those who can’t afford basic cable”, himself a “douche”, his audience “Canadian hobos”, and mocking the “cheap bastards” at CBS. Often completely silly, at his best when he goes off on wild unscripted tangents.

    And, oh yeah. “It’s a great day for America everybody.”

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