RUMOR: Apple to unveil next-gen iPhone on June 22

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Although no confirmations have yet come from Apple (naturally), there is speculation that the big [next-gen iPhone] reveal could take place on June 22nd,” Messany reports for ModMyi.

“For this particular occasion, Apple has once again reserved the very conference center where the company announced the three previous versions of the iPhone,” Messany reports. “So all signs, indeed, point to June 22nd proving the 4th gen iPhone’s ‘big day.’ Knowing Apple, however, we probably won’t know for sure until the evening of June 21st.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: April 14, 2010, 12:45pm EDT: Removed info about rumored “Verizon iPhone found in online logs as per Flurry who says the information is not credible, nor is it from them.]

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Verizon or not it’s time for new us carriers.
    Also expect AT&T;to finally announce tethering soon, or apple to ditch them.

    Tethering and mobile hotspot creating smartphones are a big deal this year.
    Apple will sell more devices when people are not forced to buy a data plan per device.
    So AT&T;has to finally throw down that tethering card or apple needs to go somewhere else.
    The choices are now available from the competition. Why pay more money to AT&T;and be refused the features we want when we can get them elsewhere?
    The iPhone alone is no longer a good enough reason.
    I have been on an iPhone since the day it was available, 1st gen and now 3g, but I will ditch the iPhone if I have to in order to get a reasonable data plan for all my devices. It’s that big of a deal.
    Ironic that I would ditch my iPhone because of my wifi ipad isn’t it?

    I like to think apple has the pulse on the situtation and that we will have our shared mobile hotspot across all of our devices including the iPhone one way or another.

    If not then sprint and the evo will suit my needs just fine with no regrets.
    It’s that big of a deal and apple and/or AT&T;need to step it up to keep alot of us around, it’s not just me.

  2. There are over 45 millions of iPhone owners. I think it is safe to say, no more than a few thousand (perhaps at most 100,000) of them know what the word ‘tethering’ means. And of those, likely less than one third has the need for it, or would even find it useful, if it became available.

    As for Verizon phone, a clarification of the statement says that yes, there are iPhones accessing the internet via Verizon networks. These are in fact ordinary GSM iPhones, connecting via WiFi through Verizon FiOS home networks. Nothing to see here (sorry to disappoint those with futile hopes of seeing iPhone on Verizon).

    The original speculation, which was alive for at least a year, was that the AT&T exclusivity deal was for five (5) years. As time progressed, many started giving out the new 3-year figure (wishful thinking?). While neither is confirmed, there was nothing that could given rise to the new, shorter number. In essence, we still don’t know whether the agreement is for 3, 4, 5, 10 or more years. Outside of the boardrooms of two companies, very few people know, and they apparently aren’t telling.

  3. IF Verizon gives control of the device to Apple, a deal with Verizon can only help the iPhone penetrate the market deeper. So, while I am fine with ATT, I hope, for Apple’s sake, that they can get on the Verizon network sooner than later.

  4. @Msavwah

    Ironic that I would ditch my iPhone because of my wifi ipad isn’t it?

    I was just thinking the same thing…. Seeing that they were selling the Palm Pre with free hotspot actually made me think A LOT… this needs to happen soon, course I could just jailbrake my iPhone and tether that way….hmmm

  5. Does anyone think that AT&T;will not give Apple anything to keep the iPhone exclusive after the current contract (3 or 5 years) expires?

    Besides, I don’t think that Verizon is still willing to give up all of their hooks and applications to get the iPhone yet.

  6. I’m guessing there will not be an iPhone for Verizon until Verizon switches over from its antique cell system. Rumors are just wishful BS.

    Although ATT does need to get of its ass with the tethering.

  7. Although I would like to see a Verizon iPhone, it does not appear that Apple has any trouble selling iPhones with the current carrier. My wife and I both own iPhones.

    Based on iPhone sales I don’t see Apple rushing to build a CDMA version of the iPhone just for Verizon. This might change once LTE is widely available, but not anytime soon.

  8. I hope it is June 22. I can not wait. I have the original iPhone for going on 3 years. It served me well. I have over 100 apps on it and my music and movies. It has been working a little flakey lately. I am due for the upgrade.

  9. Don’t know why everyone is dying for a verizon iPhone unless you are already a Verizon customer.

    Their policies are quite user-hostile. Their ETF you may as well sell a kidney to pay it. If nothing else maybe it will lighten the load on AT&Ts;network and their iPhone users will see a performance boost.

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