FOX News reviews Apple iPad: Last week I didn’t pick up my laptop once – and I didn’t miss it

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“It’s been one week since I first started using an iPad and I’ve been asked hundreds of questions about my experience with Apple’s latest creation,” Clayton Morris reports for FOX News. “Here’s what I’ve learned.”

“I didn’t pick up my laptop once during the entire week,” Morris reports. “That’s right, not even once — and I didn’t miss it.”

“The iPad replaced my laptop for almost all of my workflow,” Morris reports. “Sitting at a coffee shop I typed out dozens of e-mails on the virtual keyboard (which took some getting used to), compiled to-do lists in the day planner, read a few PDFs, read a book using the Kindle app, listened to great NPR content, read Time Magazine on the new iPad app, watched the Phillies opening-day live on the MLB app, read hundreds of news stories … and wiped away a lot of fingerprints.”

“This week the iPad quickly became my favorite way of consuming Internet content,” Morris reports. “Browsing through news stories is easier and more immersive than with any other device. Sitting in bed reading news kept me up well past my bedtime — I don’t want to put it down.”

“Did I mention that I want my 3G version of the iPad sooner rather than later? We’ll have to wait until the end of April before Apple starts shipping the ‘always connected’ 3G iPad,” Morris reports. “I don’t like being tethered to a Wi-Fi hotspot, I want to pull out my iPad anytime, anywhere and jump online. The Wi-Fi version doesn’t cut it for me.”

“This week I saw the future,” Morris reports. “I now know what it’s like to hold a device with a truly remarkable battery. While Apple boasts a 10 hour use time, I got much more than that, and some reports suggest a whopping 14 hour battery life.”

Morris reports, “I see myself using my laptop for some heavy lifting like video and audio editing, but the majority of my Internet surfing will be done on the iPad. In fact I’ve written this entire column on my iPad.”

Full review, with some complaints, too – recommended – here.


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    The entire American political spectrum is sadly predictable. The only change the past year and a half was the addition of the predictable European spectrum to American government.

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