Jim Cramer: Apple’s iPad cracks the business market

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“I don’t care if Apple sells out the iPad at its own stores. I don’t care if Best Buy sells out the iPad,” Jim Cramer writes for TheStreet.com.

“I care if Glen Tullman buys the iPad, because if he does, then I know Apple will have created its biggest product ever,” Cramer reports. “Who is Glen Tullman? He is the chief executive of Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions, the leading maker of software to control costs for doctors and hospitals in the United States.”

Cramer reports, “Tullman told me last night that his company just received its iPads yesterday and is building an app that will allow doctors to walk around with the iPad, clipboard-style, so that they can input prescriptions and data right into the records and right to the pharmacy. It’s the first technological product that he says can replace current systems and save money for the company and that the company will most likely be switching to the device en masse.”

Cramer writes, “This is the real deal, the breaking out of the consumer ghetto by Apple and the liberation at the hands of the Dell and Hewlett-Packard taskmasters.”

MacDailyNews Take: You forgot Microsoft, Jim. Dell and HP et al. are nothing but box assemblers who spread Microsoft’s inferior, productivity- and joy-sapping crap around the globe.

Cramer writes, “A generation of kids brought up on Apple is now getting in charge of major portions of companies and they simply do not understand why they ever have to deal with Dell.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Davewrite” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s nice to see Apple on top.

    I remember the days when people would scoff at me when I told them I was a Mac user.

    Now they’re actually envious! 

  2. Many such “business” applications are possible. You just need to look at places where a clipboard with paper forms are commonly used. And places where a bookcase full of paper manuals are needed for reference.

  3. I was at the Apple store playing with the iPad and you should have heard the kids squeal when they walked into the store and ran right to the iPad. Apple is now cradle to the grave. Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m using my iPad right now in clinic seeing patients records and viewing x-rays right on on it. The patients are amazed. I use ZipChart EMR software.

  5. The only tablet computer I’ve ever seen in use was just last year in a physical therapy office. I don’t recall the make, but it was running some version of Windows, and when the receptionist asked me to fill in a post-treatment survey, she suddenly got a sour look on her face and apologized because it had frozen and she needed to re-boot. Had the exact same thing happen at an Apple store last year when the sales girl tried to ring me up on one of those crappy Microsoft hand-held sales devices they used to use. “Sorry. It froze up and I have to re-start it.”

    It’s about damn time Apple made a real showing in the business world. Real productivity is about to get a boost.

  6. If the Docs get the 64 gig model they will be able to store the exciting new ObamaCare bill on the iPad and the government commisars will be able to use iChat to deny care to people over 50

  7. for MDN: why the continued attacks on Microsoft? Steve Jobs has described iPad as the future of “computation” which is code for: Apple is phasing out of the regular computer business and ushering in the “magical” new world Steve has brought us in which Microsoft will cease to exist.

    Macs are history, PCs are history. All we need, according to Steve, is his iPad, iPhone and iPod – although the tunes player and maybe even the phone’s days are numbered – Steve soon to announce “people don’t talk on the phone anymore” like they don’t read books, don’t need any DVDs, all want glossy, and don’t need things like usb, firewire, or other useless stuff.

  8. Kent, get off the Glenn Beck crack. The health insurance mandate that was passed is identical to what the Retardicans proposed when Clinton was trying to get health reform and it’s the same concept proposed by both Nixon and Reagan and put into effect by Mitt Romney. There will be no “commisars” on fat insurance executives getting richer at the 32 million who will now be forced to buy their offerings at over inflated prices.

  9. Dubya

    since you know so much and since you are so worried about greedy Insurance execs you can no doubt explain the city of 98 people in California who receives a $500,000 pension per year. Government bureacrats is where the greed is. And if you think there won’t be gubmint bureaucrats deciding who gets what you are a moron. Medicare already is the biggest denier of service – and it wasn’t run by Maoists till a year ago.

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