MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘iPhone OS 4 Sneak Peek’ Event on Thursday, April 8

Earlier today, MacDailyNews presented live coverage of Apple’s “iPhone OS 4 Sneak Peek” event.

Updates in reverse chronological order:

• End of event

• AAPL: $239.97 -$0.63 (-0.26%) 2:42pm ET
• How to you quit an app? Users don’t have to quit apps. The user doesn’t have to be the custodian of apps. The users just uses things. Apple’s architecture takes care of the rest.

• Jobs on older devices: Newer devices are all set. Older ones will get the update but miss some features like multitasking. If that’s an incentive to upgrade to a new device, terrific.
• Jobs on app discoverability: Game Center will help spread games virally (when you’re challenged to a gem you don’t yet have). App gifting will also help. Outside app Website and others help, too. Apple is always looking to improve App Store.
• Jobs: If competitors try to introduce iPad competitor, they’ll be hoping to get 3,500 apps int he first year; we’ve got them in the first week.
• Jobs on iPad reception: We think this is a profound gamechanger. People will look back on the iPad launch years from now and see it as a major event in personal computational devices. What been great is how quickly people have gotten it. People are understanding how it’s going to change their lives. They;re getting it very quickly.
• Jobs on unsigned apps: “You know, there’s a porn store for Android to go to. Anyone can download them, your kids can. That’s not a place we want to go. We’re not going to go there.”
• Jobs: We’ve done a better job connecting our phones to vehicles than anybody else. We’ve done a great job on hands-free driving.
• Plans to add Flash or Java? Jobs: “No.”
• Jobs: “The earlier hardware cannot support multitasking at all.” No decision needed to be made – hardware constraints dictated which ones get multitasking with iPhone OS 4 and which ones don’t.
• Jobs: “We do not have any plans to become a worldwide ad agency. We tried to buy AdMob, but Google came in and snatched them from us because they didn’t want us to have it. We bought Quattro instead. They [Quattro] are teaching us and we’re learning as fast as we can.”
• So Widgets are possible? Jobs: “Anything’s possible.”
• What about widgets for iPhone and iPad? Jobs: “We just shipped it on Saturday. And then we rested on Sunday. (smiles)

• Fast app switching API is more impressive than the simple demos shown today
• People can develop rich iAds using any tools they want – as long as it’s HTML5
• There will be some ad approval process, but people are paying to run the ads, so Apple’s will be a light touch
• Apple is looking at “achievement point” options for games
• Social gaming built-into iPhone OS platform will enable everyone to be on the same gaming platform. Developers will want to build it in because they’ll have a wider audience than elsewhere
• Huge iPad demand in U.S. has not affected international rollout schedule: Release near the end of April is still on track
• Will multitasking increase load on AT&T? Jobs: Not sure it will to as much effect as some may thing. We’ll find out, though

• Q&A with Jobs, Schiller, and Forstall…

• This new iPhone OS 4 to be released for iPad in Fall 2010.
• iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd-gen will run many things, but will not get multitasking.
• User release “this Summer.” Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch 2nd and 3rd gen devices
• Developer Preview released today
• Review: Multitasking, Folders, Improved Mail, iBooks, Enterprise, Game Center, iAd – these are just 7 of the top 100 new user features
• Target ad demo: Build you own dorm room
• Nike ad demo: build your own shoes, history of Air Jordan, videos, etc.
• Jobs: “Have you ever seen an ad like this? Anything even close?”)
• Jobs demos interactive, rather fun-looking ad for Toy Story 3 (videos, sound clips, games, etc. – all inside the ad which is inside the app)
• All of the ads are done in HTML5 (Got that, Adobe? – MDN Ed.) • Apple will sell and host the ads and 60% of the revenues go to the app developer
• iAds keep you in the app, so you don’t have to leave to go to the Web. iAd is part of the OS, so devs can do interactive ads inside their apps
• Ads should be more interactive, more emotional
• Jobs wants to help change the quality of advertising, too
• This is the better way to deliver ads vs. generalized search
• Jobs: People are spending a lot of time in apps; using app to get info via ‘Net; instead of generalized search (M’kay, Google? = MDN Ed.)
• This is a way to place ads into apps; a way to improve advertising, help developers make some money via advertising, so they can keep their apps free/low-priced
• Tentpole #7: iAd. Apple’s mobile advertising…

• Automatic Matchmaking: Social gaming network – lets you play against friends and/or strangers. Invites. Leaderboards. Achievements.
• Tentpole #6: Game Center: 50,000 games and entertainment titles (Oh, BTW, there are only 4321 games on Nintendo DS and 2477 on Sony PSP)

• Tentpole #5: Enterprise: Improved data protection. Mobile Device Management. Wireless app distribution. Multiple Exchaneg accounts. Exchanger Server 2010 support, SSL VPN support.

• eBook reader: Books will sync between platforms. iBookstore access. Buy once, read anywhere. Sync page bookmarks, Free “Winnie the Pooh” (being Disney’s largest individually shareholder can achieve remarkable things – MDN Ed.)

• Third tentpole: Enhanced Mail app. Unified Inbox. (Also multiple exchange accounts are now possible)

• Open attachments with apps
• Fast inbox switching
• Can organize Mail by thread now
• 2,160 total apps max now possible on your iPhone
• Jobs makes a folder full of games as an example. Drag and Drop, naturally. Folders can even go into the Dock. Now we’re getting organized!
• Now, “Folders.”
• Multitasking is the first “tentpole.”

• #7 Fast app switching: Store the state of the app, so it’s there when user returns
• #6 Task completion: For example: upload photos in the background while switching to another app
• 10 billion Push notifications sent in last 9 months (don’t we know it! Some of those were from MacDailyNews app)
• #4 Push notifications same as before. Now #5 “Local notifications,” too, which don’t need a server, they’re done right on the device
• You can also use cell towers for location instead of GPS – saves battery
• #3 Background location: Run your turn-by-turn nav app in the background; it’ll still give you directions while you run another app
• #2 Voice over IP: For example, Skype runs in background, you still receive calls while in another app in foreground
• Pandora now plays in background while toy surf the Web, etc.
• Took one day to make Pandora fully background aware for iPhone.
• Seven Services: #1 Background audio. Pandora founder Tim Westergren: “iPhone has changed the future of Pandora.”
• Multitasking preserves battery life and performance. Scott Forstall takes stage…
• AAPL: $240.72, up $0.12 (+0.05%) @ 1:19pm ET
• iPhone Multitasking: Double-click Home button to se all running apps; choose the app you want. “Boom.”
• Jobs: we weren’t the first to cut-and-paste, but we’re the best
• Multitasking (our sources were right)
• Jobs to cover 7 “tentpole” features today
• 1,500 new APIs: Create playlists, 5x digital ozone, tap to focus video, Places in photos, iPod out, Bluetooth keyboards, Spell check, gift apps…
• iPhone OS 4 dev preview today, ships Summer 2010

• iPhone has 64% mobile browser share
• iPhone has won the JD Power award for the last three years running (2008, 2009, 2010)
• Jobs: We’ve sold over 50 million iPhones to date + 35 million iPod touch units = 85 million devices
• Popular Science (Jobs calls mag on iPad “King of the hill.”)
• Jobs runs through some iPad apps (MLB, Marvel, ABC TV, etc.)
• 3,500 iPad apps now in Apple’s iTunes App Store
• 185,000+ apps now in App Store; Well over 4 billion apps downloaded to date
• 3.5 million iPad apps downloaded through today
• 600,0000 iBooks downloaded through today
• Officially: 450,000 iPad untis sold through today
• Jobs reviews iPad reviews…
• Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage.
• Multi-tasking: Randomly launching apps while Windexing
• Please silence your iPhones…
• Awaiting start of event…
• AAPL: $240.37, -$0.23 (-0.10%) at 9:56am PDT/12:56pm EDT
• Apple’s “iPhone OS 4 Sneak Peek” event is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 10am PT/1pm ET.


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  2. Sneak peak means that it will be released to developers soon and we would rather tell you about it ourselves, than have developers release the new features piecemeal, with their spin on it and not our spin.


  3. I wish I could sync over wifi when my iPhone is plugged into an outlet. My computer is downstairs and I charge my iPhone upstairs in my bedroom. It would be nice if my iPhone would sync with my base computer at night while I am sleeping and it is charging.

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