Apple patent may hint at a mini tower Mac with USB 3.0

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Maybe if we hold our breath until we turn blue, Apple may actually deliver what appears to be that of a new mini tower personal computer,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“A Mac Pro is clearly classified as a Workstation,” Purcher reports. “This [new] unit [described in Apple’s patent app] continually describes itself – without a doubt – as a modular based ‘personal computer.’ The new outer design presents rounded corners and shock absorber stand pads. The internals of the tower design resemble that of Apple’s full tower – so it’s hard to distinguish between the units. Apple also introduces us to a new USB 3.0 and DisplayPort combination connector for personal computers and media players.”

Purcher reports, “If Apple actually delivers on a new lusty mini tower, there’s going to be a lot of very happy Macites loudly applauding Apple for finally listening to their faithful core base.”

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  1. The big tower was originally designed for the hot – giant wind tunnel cooled – G5 chips. It doesn’t need to be that big anymore. Least not for all but the extra high-end users.

  2. What would be interesting would be if Apple added custom chips into their designs. Off-setting certain things to a modified A4-type chip. This would allow current compatibility, including Windows compatibility and ruin any chance of hackintoshes running OSX.

  3. Apple isn’t about to introduce another mac. They love their lineup. If anything yeah the Mac Pros will be redesigned to a smaller form to save on aluminum to be more enviroment safe or as the kids say these days be more green.

  4. @Bizorro Jeff

    The G5 is still a good machine, but basically as soon as it was released it became the orphan stepchild at Apple. They’re Intel and A4 centric now. If you never upgrade, it’ll remain great. As soon as there’s a piece of software you want or need to upgrade, then it’s useless.

  5. Anything they can do to make the Mac Pro a smaller beast would be appreciated. I’ve gotten over the upgrade path since technology seems to favor the integrated upgrade rather than doing it piecemeal.

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