iPhone 4.0 may bring printing support to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“A small clue hints that Apple may add printing support in iPhone 4.0 or another update,” Electronista reports.

“Support notes for the iPad’s iWork apps all note that ‘printing directly from iPad is not currently available’ and imply that it will be an option at a later date,” Electronista reports.

“Rumors so far haven’t confirmed whether or not it would appear in Thursday’s special event, though it presents the first clear opportunity,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Printing from iWork, along with Excel and PowerPoint export will make the iPad infinitely more useful for me as a work tool. The email, calendar and contacts apps already blow away anything else I use.

  2. Makes sense they would release it when they release OS 4. That way the iPad, iPhone and iPod all have the same OS features.

    I mean, printing is not that hard, seeing as there are several printing apps available. I use the HP app. Of course, you’ll need a wireless printer, or a printer shared over Bonjour.

  3. I think for me thats the only thing lacking currently in the ipad, printing support. i´m a lawyer and notary public it will be great just to have my ipad with all my legal forms and just print from anywhere and not to worry about what arcaic windows version my client has in his pc.

  4. 1. printing is a non-issue
    2. in pages for ipad you can save the file or email the file to a server that will then print the file for you – that is how companies and offices will handle printing
    3. there are many printer drivers for many printers
    4. apple should not pick and choose which printers they will support and they will not do so
    5. printing direct from a portable device is not really necessary

    ipad is awesome, this is more nonsense

  5. I live in the UK and a colleague is going to Ohio next week for 3 days. She has offered to buy me an iPad, so I’m going to give her the money and get my very own piece of techno goodness.

    I can’t tell you how excited I am!!!

    Does anyone know what the sales tax is in Ohio?

  6. Jamie: You can Google “Ohio sales tax rates” and get a whole list; you might need to know what county your friend is going to as they can vary from area to area.

  7. ploogman. “get a server that polls an email address and prints out the attachements, that’s what offices do, that’s what I do

    i’m a lawyer too

    But I can’t spell. Amazing.

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