Verizon CEO asks Steve Jobs for right to carry Apple’s revolutionary iPhone

Apple Online Store “Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says the company has told Apple that it wants to carry the iPhone. But he declined to say when — or even if — the popular smart phone will be available for Verizon Wireless customers,” The Associated Press reports.

“In remarks Tuesday before the Council on Foreign Relations, Seidenberg cited a recent Wall Street Journal report that said Apple is working on a version of the iPhone that would be compatible with Verizon’s network,” AP reports. “But he did not confirm the report or give any further details Tuesday.”

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Electronista reports, “In follow-up details, he specified that he’d most like to have a 4G-capable iPhone but that it was “their call” at Apple as to what would ship. The LTE-based 4G network will go live in the middle of this year but won’t get its first phones until early 2011 at best.”

“The remarks are a rare sign of active engagement with Apple on Verizon’s part. It has always said it would welcome the iPhone but has usually stopped short of mentioning any resumed dialog,” Electronista reports. “Verizon is known to have turned down the iPhone when it was still in development and is believed to have objected primarily over issues of control. Although retail support and sales have been publicly cited as factors, it’s also suspected that Verizon was unwilling to drop many of its criticized practices at the time, such as insisting on using its own branded software, disabling hardware features and otherwise insisting on a final say.”

Electronista reports, “Apple’s exclusivity deal with AT&T is widely thought to be ending this year and might open the door to a CDMA iPhone in the US.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ivan must be getting tired of pimping pretend iPhones with his misleading maps.

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  1. If you want the iPhone, they Verizon will need to open up their network for everything the iPhone wants to do.

    I always thought of Verizon as very restrictive over what is transferred on their network and what is allowed on their phones.

  2. Based on the way Verizon’s dumping Palm’s phones (as low as $30 for two), and what must be disappointing Droid sales, Verizon sees their smartphone lineup as tepid. They need the iPhone. They thought they could get alone without it, but now they are realizing the truth and will hopefully be willing to make whatever compromises Apple requires for them to get it.

  3. If I were Apple, I wouldn’t let Verizon have the phone, since they will want to lock it down, and that’s not good for the consumer. It’s just the way Verizon has always restricted their products. Let them keep the iPhone pretenders and live it them.

  4. I understand the animosity towards Verizon after they refused to carry the iPhone during initial negotiations but Apple has 80 million reasons to forgive and forget.

    On another note—
    That chick in the Palms Place banner is hot agreed?

  5. This Oaf of a CEO actually criticized the USA for a lack of innovation. This dork wouldn’t know innovation if it hit him in the head three times!!!!

    Verizon is a terrible co to work for. Employees are shafted repeatedly, as are customers. After GM this has to be the worst US company.

  6. If Verizon wants the iPhone, they will have to adapt their coverage to accept GSM. I feel strongly that Apple will not build an entirely new CDMA phone just for a portion of the market in one country. Anyways, having both an iPhone (AT&T;) and a company Blackberry on Verizon, the only network difference I notice is speed; advantage-AT&T;. And this is in rural southwest VA.

  7. Verizon’s 3G lacks the ability to use voice with data at the same time. Maybe their 4G will be different. However, when you are bumped down to the 3G, I assume their old problem will still be there.

    I will stick with my AT&T;for now. Would like a multi user 4G hub in my car. Sprint’s got one. Maybe Apple will make an AirPort for the car soon?

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