iPhone OS 4: Third-party multitasking up next for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch?

Case Mate Chrome iPhone Cases“With the market so focused on dissecting Apple iPad sales yesterday, there was surprisingly little attention to the news that the company on Thursday morning will provide a ‘sneak peak’ at the next version of the iPhone OS,” Eric Savitz blogs for Barron’s. blogs for Barron’s. “And there is a widespread view on the Street that iPhone OS 4.0 will include something users have been pining for since the phone launched: the ability to run more than one program at a time.”

“Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu writes in a research note that the new version of iPhone OS will be “a full multi-tasking environment where third-party apps will also be able to run simultaneously and/or in the background along with AAPL’s own apps,'” Savitz reports. “Right now, only Apple’s own applications have this capability.”

Savitz reports, “Wu thinks this will be ‘particularly important’ for the iPad, with its faster processor and larger screen, ‘where users more likely want the capability to run multiple applications much like most do with their PCs and Macs.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: If what we’re hearing from our sources is accurate, third-party multitasking is a certainty in iPhone OS 4.


  1. Dang you Apple! Why do I have to buy all of your stuff? It is all so seductive and cool.

    I am being serious. I love my iMac, my iPhone, my MacBook and oh how I want an iPad too.

    My PC friends just bash the Mac all day. But they are so biased they don’t even want to touch or look at my mac stuff. I at least have a linux box, windows box and macs in my house. I enjoy playing around with all OSs. But my pc friends, just full of hate.

  2. Here is what my sources tell me we can expect:
    • built in keyboard
    • replaceable battery
    • sd card slot
    • nasty tan box
    • various other douchery

    this is what we can expect from . . . iPhone . . . 4.0 . . . Soft . . Ware

  3. ANY >>widespread view on the Street<< gets less credence from me than the view of the first random stranger that I stop and ask the same question. While the people on Wall St are smart and have access to all kinds of information, they also can’t seem to distinguish the loads of misinformation that they also have access to. Compounding that problem, “The Street” as an entity has proven that it’s driven much more by pack mentality, blind fear, and fashion than by reason or fact.
    But what else do you expect from a privileged class working in a consequence free environment?

  4. Of all the things that people whine about with respect to the iPhone and iPad, the only thing that really matters to me is multi-tasking, and then only for a few apps. In second place would be an iPhone iChat app, but not for video, just IMing.

    Oh, tethering too, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Let’s hope so. It didn’t bother me so much on the iPhone but the iPad really needs multitasking. I use the he’ll out of it and having to shut down one app to go to another had grown tiresome.

  6. The fact that we arent given tethering as part of “unlimited data” seriously ticks me off. Where are the class action filers when you need theme.

  7. iPhone OS 4 will not support 3rd full Party Multitasking. For one simple reason 3rd party applications are more likely to crash. Which reduces their viability as multitasking applications Now Apple may provided a limited protected memory space for 3rd party applications to run in a limited background mode. So when the application does crash it does not cause issue with the OS and Apple’s other applications, It will be limited however to one or two apps. The other issue is battery life. If you have more then a few Apps running in the background you will have a profound drain on the battery. Personally I don’t see that the average customer really needs or really wants Multitasking. The Average user wants stability and ease of use. The only people that keep trotting out the need for multitasking is the techno geek bloggers and old time tech writers. I’ve talked to a many average corporate enterprise users of my iPhone & iPad Apps that I sell directly to companies for Enterprise deployments and none, Let me repeat that, NONE, have said that they want multitasking on their iPhone or new iPad customers. What they love is the platforms stability, speed, ease of use and portability in the field. Battery life with the iPhone is important in the field when on a major construction site and an engineer needs to check the engineering specs, of a joint, or part. If the battery is in the iPhone dies the engineer has to resort to looking up the specs. in the engineering plans and then cross reference the spec with the engineering spec book. This takes more time then having both presented directly to his iPhone or iPad as a result of the engineer making a spec look-up. The engineer can also get the plan blue prints details on the iPhone or iPad by just selecting the show plan details button.

    So, while the tech nerds maybe beating the full multi-tasking drum for iPhone OS 4. I think Apple is going to stick to a much more conservative path in that regard. As a developer of iPhone OS Apps I can tell you that Multi-tasking isn’t needed if the App is designed in accordance with Apples user interface guidelines that directs that the App should be designed to save it’s full state on exiting of the App. This means that a user can cut or copy from one App exit it open another and paste into the new one, exit it and return to the pervious one and be exactly where you left off. It’s a simple thing to do if the developer is not tied to conventional Windows programming thinking. The Applications need to be designed from the ground up to be iPhone OS apps and not just apps ported from another platform.

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