Apple announces iPad MobileMe integration: Find My iPad and iPad Remote Wipe

MobileMe“iPad MobileMe integration has been announced with Apple revealing iPad versions of the Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe features that have recovered many a lost iPhone and deleted plenty of pictures the world was never meant to see,” Mic Wright reports for Electricpig.

“If you’ve got a MobileMe account (or plonk down £59 [US$99] a year to get one) you’ll be able to sync your email, calendars and other information between your iPad, iPhone and other computers,” Wright reports. MobileMe also gives your iPad access to iDisk and MobileMe email account which adds up to 20GB of storage in the cloud [or more, if you pay for it].

“Find My iPad will work best for the iPad 3G. The WiFi iPad doesn’t have GPS built-in so will need to be hooked up to a WiFi network for you to find it,” Wright reports. “If your iPad is permanently lost, you’ll be able to use Remote Wipe to remove all your files. Again, if you’ve opted for the WiFi-only iPad, it’ll need to be connected to do that.”

Full article here.

Apple today also posted a new article to MobileMe News: Setting Up MobileMe on iPad

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. I am loving the device so far. However, they need better iDisk integration on this thing. The only iDisk you have is the old iPhone app and it doesn’t allow you to bring your files into to any of the iWork suite. I hope they are going to fix this asap. I would have expected integration from day one.

  2. got an iPad for my 90 year old mother – she instantly “got it”, and kicked her laptop to the curb. She’s even making her own channels in Pandora for iPad. This my friends is a game changing appliance computer for all the masses. Apple wins.

  3. Well, sad to say I’m taking my iPad back tomorrow and turning it in. I love everything it does, but I really needed it to be more functional in Keynote.

    The drawback are minor, but a deal breaker for me. It only has 25 fonts or so, and you can’t see presenter notes, or upcoming slides when your presenting to a video projector.

    I would be great as a one on one sales tool, or to show in a small group, but I was hoping it would replace my macbook that I present keynote lectures off of.

    Finally, the last thing that made it not work for me is you can’t use Keynote Remote to control the ipad from your iphone. Just would have made it work if it had because you can see presenter notes in that app.

    Ah well, I really wanted a 3G model anyways. Maybe these things will be fixed in the first upgrade.

  4. @Jim – TIV,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m looking to buy one largely for presentations too. I don’t need lectures notes, but easier integration with the Keynote Remote (with my macbook too) would be nice. I don’t live in the USA, so will have to wait a while one way or the other.

  5. @Jonk: Why the caustic comment about Jim – TIV’s post? Would it have killed you to suppress your vitriolic bile? Huh?

    Jim – TIV did the right thing to address his personal desire to get hands-on, at his own leisure, in evaluating the iPad. Spending the $499+ was his free choice and no concern of yours! He wanted to make an informed decision. And his post was a proactive one designed to inform MDN readers which I (living outside the US), greatly value.

    Somehow, I suspect Jim would have kept the iPad if it had worked as he’d expected… which probably would have deprived Jonk of his daily dump (or should I say Zune?)

    By the way, where is old ‘Tang?

  6. I expected MDN to bring us a personal IPad review and hit on points of the device that have not been covered in the media like the symbiotic relationship the IPad wll bring to other Apple products. Also I expect the new IPhone design to be even more complimentary to the IPad and mobile me than it is now.

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