TED.com goes HTML5

Apple Online Store“Since TED.com launched in 2006, we’ve always aimed to make TEDTalks work across a wide variety of platforms. Anywhere people watch video, we want them to watch TEDTalks,” TED Blog reports.

“In the past year, smartphones have emerged as a major platform for watching video and web content. And while TEDTalks have always been viewable on the phone itself (via our iTunes podcast or independently created iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android apps), we saw a demand to view our website through the phone browser,” TED Blog reports.

“For this reason, we’re thrilled to announce that TED.com now supports the HTML5 open standard and the H.264 codec,” TED Blog reports. “What it means for you: if you own an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad — or any smartphone that supports the open HTML5 standard — you can watch TEDTalks right in your browser, and also make comments and rate the talks (though you won’t yet have access to our subtitles).”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Note to advertisers (including those who advertise via third-party ad networks and become, in effect, our advertisers): Your Flash-based ads are no longer reaching the most well-heeled customers online: iPhone owners. They’re also not hitting iPod touch users. And, very soon, iPad users won’t be seeing them, either. If you care about reaching people with discretionary income, you might want to consider dumping your flash-based ads and moving to a more open format that people with money and the will to spend it can actually see.

Help kill Adobe’s Flash:
• Ask CNBC to offer HTML5 video via the customer support web form here.
• Contact Hulu and ask them to offer HTML5 video via email:
• Ask ESPN360 to offer HTML5 video instead Flash via their feedback page here.
• Join YouTube’s HTML5 beta here.
• On Vimeo, click the “Switch to HTML5 player” link below any video.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Hinky. I watched one of their videos (posted on a message board) with my iPhone yesterday. Never heard of TED.com before then. I was hesitant to click the link, figuring it was a Flash video, but I took the chance and was pleasantly surprised to see that played.

    I bet the site looks and works great on an iPad.

  2. I LOVE TED talks. I’d love to do something important or innovative enough to be invited to speak at the event at some point in my life. Great move by a great enlightener of minds.

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