Starbucks customers can now make purchases at 1,002 U.S. Target locations via iPhone and iPod touch

Apple Online StoreThrough the Starbucks Card Mobile App, customers can now pay for purchases at Starbucks stores in more than 1,000 Target locations nationwide through their Apple iPhone or iPod touch devices.

The mobile payment capability at Starbucks stores in Target locations is the first expansion of this convenient payment capability since last fall when Starbucks launched their Starbucks Card Mobile and myStarbucks Apps. Starbucks stores in Target locations join 16 stores in Seattle and Northern California that currently accept mobile payment using the Starbucks Card Mobile App.

In addition to mobile payment, Starbucks Card Mobile allows customers to set up and register a Starbucks Card, check their Starbucks Card balance and reload their Starbucks Card using a credit card.

“Now that customers can use the Starbucks Card Mobile app at Starbucks locations within Target stores nationwide, they will have more opportunities to experience the ease and convenience of paying for their favorite Starbucks beverages with a flash of their iPhone or iPod touch devices,” said Brady Brewer, vice president, Starbucks Card and Store Segmentation for Starbucks, in the press release. “We are thrilled to make mobile payment available at Starbucks stores within Target, which has been a Starbucks licensee for more than 10 years.”

More info and download link for the Starbucks Card Mobile App via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more time that passes, the eerier this gets:

This device, able to be made today with current technology, would easily be “The Device.” Running Mac OS X or a mobile variant, it would allow the user to communicate via text, audio, and video. It would snap digital photos and organize them, do email, and browse the web. It would sync automatically with your desktop or portable Mac…. It would absorb the iPod by playing AAC / MP3 audio and interface with iTunes, but it would also play feature-length MPEG-4 movies, too, in full color… It would have built-in Bluetooth, which would allow for, among other things, short-range personal broadcasts; your own radio/TV station and any number of websites in your pocket. McDonald’s Drive Thru’s would accept payments via Bluetooth from “The Device.” And, of course, it would have the basics like any PDA; your date book, to do list, calculator, etc. I figure a form factor about the size or a Newton or a bit smaller would do the trick.

This would be “The Device.” iDevice?? And only Apple, in concert with a partner like Verizon, Cingular, or Sprint, has everything in place to make “The Device” a reality today. I wonder if they are close, yet, or still far away from fruition? I really hope they are building it. Everything seems to point to it or am I just wishing too hard? I’ll tell you one thing, if Apple can produce it, they’ll really change everything this time, and they’ll never be able to make enough. Nearly everyone would have an Apple device in their pocket…SteveJack, MacDailyNews, December 10, 2002


  1. If you read SteveJack’s article on Dec. 10, 2002 and bought 4,000 AAPL shares at around $7.70, your $30,800 investment is worth $943,380 today.

    I did exactly that (plus bought more later along the way)!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    (Thanks, SJ! You literally changed my life!)

  2. “It would sync automatically with your desktop or portable Mac…”

    And yet, 3 years after “the device” became reality, we are still waiting for this most basic functionalty, forced to use a cable or pay $99 a year extra for only the most basic sync functions.

    I love my iPhone. But it’s high time for wi-fi sync don’tcha think? If my Macbook Pro can find my my Time Capsule on my network and sync with it, why can’t it do the same with my iPhone?

  3. “If you read SteveJack’s article on Dec. 10, 2002 and bought 4,000 AAPL shares at around $7.70, your $30,800 investment is worth $943,380 today.”

    If you had learned how to trade options you would have an annual income in excess of $600,000, like I have had for the past 4 years. Those options are/were all AAPL backed.

  4. Whatever happened to that iPhone/Starbucks feature that was announced at a keynote — where you would walk into a Starbucks and your phone would tell you what song was playing and let you buy and download?

    I wasn’t that excited about it but this reminded me. I assume it died on the vine.

  5. Shazam is a third party app that listens the audio picked up by the iphone mic and then finds the song that matches the audio wav.

    What tigercliff is talking about was an announcement that the song playing in the starbucks would show up on the itunes app in your iphone as currently playing…. it never happened.

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