While AT&T can’t get their act together, Canada’s Rogers makes free data tethering permanent

Apple Online Store“Rogers today revealed that its free data tethering promo is becoming a permanent fixture of its plans,” Electronista reports.

“The move gives anyone with a Canadian 1GB or larger data plan the option of using an iPhone or other tethering-capable smartphone as a 3G Internet connection for a computer without having to incur a separate charge,” Electronista reports. “Any data used for tethering is simply taken out of the existing monthly transfer allowance, Rogers said.”

The tethering deal contrasts “sharply against AT&T in the US, which normally charges $30 extra for tethering and has yet to allow it on the iPhone almost a year after it promised that the feature was’coming soon,'” Electronista reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, AT&T, tether this!


  1. @ Don

    Not trying to be obtuse, but why would microcell in your house be a good thing??? The iPhone will just jump on your wifi connection. It is way faster too. Seriously, I just don’t see the big deal over it.

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. iPhone users are getting absolutely skull fscked by AT & T. I will *NEVER* EVER buy an iPhone as long as I am forced to use the shittastic AT & T. NEVER.

  3. @Beowulf

    Microcell is a big deal for me because I have zero bars in my house. (No carrier does) I moved into this house 14 months ago, right after reading about the ATT Microcell on MDN, and have been impatiently waiting for it ever since.

    My iPhone is my business number. I had to buy a landline and forward my iPhone to it every single day. Really sucks.

    Also, we have 4 iPhones in this family so this is a really big deal for us. If we lived where I would expect to have service I’m sure I would view this differently.

  4. Too bad the iPad doesn’t support BlueTooth or USB tethering. 🙁

    Hopefully some third party will make a device that will let you share a BlueTooth or USB tethered connection over WiFi, if one doesn’t exist already that is. If you know of one, please share with the rest of us!

  5. As a locked-in Roger’s “customer”, I’m pleasantly impressed by this news.

    Rogers also recently released an iPhone app (along with apps for other mobile platforms) that gives access to account details (current balance, data used, minutes used, etc.). While it’s slow, it’s also extremely useful. I don’t know why such a feature isn’t standard on cell phones, though.

    Slowly but surely, Rogers, you may win my loyalty without needing to lock me into a contract.

  6. Roger’s has iPhone competition in Canada from Telus. This likely means they felt it would suit their image best to offer tethering and therefore force the competition to do the same (or risk having Roger’s point out their inability) before any negative press could arise.

    Nonetheless, as a Roger’s customer, I’m shocked … happy … stunned even.

  7. Nope. Just wait. This is Roger’s way of saying you can’t have a no-contract data plan for your precious iPad. Of making themselves look good before screwing us royally for cheap data plans for the iPad.

    Three year contract, $30/month. You just watch. It’s why there’s been no news yet on the iPad re: rates and yet the device is here in just over four weeks.

    Roger and Bell will *never* do: no-contract, affordable (AT&T;rates) for iPad. If any fellow Canuck thinks otherwise, you’re raving mad.

  8. Maybe if Steve Jobs didn’t hate his consumers, he’d open up the iPhone to other carriers to force competition and lower prices and add features (like tethering, which Verizon would be able to support).

    Of course, if you live in NY or SF you can’t even get basic 3G coverage consistently or not have half your calls dropped.

    Then again, Apple is magical, and death to anyone who opposes them….

  9. @Beowulf: The Microcell could represent big cost savings even for people with good 3G coverage, if you get the unlimited Microcell plan, drop your minutes to the minimum, and make most of your calls from in or around your home (which I do).

    However, given the GPS and dropped calls problems with the BETA Microcell units I’ll wait to see what the reviewers say once this has shipped before I consider a purchase.

    @Swing Geezer: Rogers can afford to offer free thethering simply because they charge people for data consumption. AT&T cannot do that because they offer a data buffet and a few hogs if given the chance would kill the network for other people. What AT&T;would be well advised to do is offer free tethering, but in exchange for tethering charge for data consumption. So unlimited data but no tethering OR tethering along with data consumption charges (ala the iPad).

  10. Where I live, AT&T;has never been a problem, but they do seem to follow the unless-we-have-to business model, like so many other companies.

    I hope against hope that they will have a little of Apple and Steve rub off on them so that the realize that more money for minimal work is not better… better is better.

    Rogers may have been Apple-rubbed. Mmmm. Rubbed.

  11. “Maybe if Steve Jobs didn’t hate his consumers. . . .”

    Yeah, that’s always been his problem. Just as YOURS seems to be trolling for hatred on sites such as this.

    I’ve an idea: Why not redirect your invective toward your immediate family or significant others? I’m sure they will appreciate it much more than we do here.**

    FYI and in the interest of total disclosure: I’ve been purchasing AAPL steadily for over 20 years now, with an average price of $12.40. Consequently, Steve Jobs–the man who clearly loves his investors, at least–has made me a mult-imillonaire. Perhaps you should stow your envy and bitterness for the time being (MS fan?) and get on board the innovation/growth train before it’s ‘way too late.

  12. @ PlayNice: If T-Mobile used standard 3G frequencies or Verizon/Sprint used non-CDMA technology then the iPhone would be open to other carriers in the USA, right now. They don’t, so it isn’t. When Verizon starts installing 4G LTE in certain markets later in 2011 then they’ll get access to the iPhone. T-mobile may get access to the iPhone if either Apple changes their chip to a Quad-band chip or if T-mobile gets access to common frequencies. As it stands, you can jailbreak your iPhone and enjoy blazing EDGE speeds on T-mobile’s network.

    @ Msavwah: Dude, Sprint will never, ever, under any circumstances get the iPhone. Period. Ain’t gonna E-V-E-R happen. Why? Because their 3G technology is CDMA and their 4G technology is WiMax and Apple will never build a phone to support a technology used by one single company in the whole world.

  13. @TheMacAdvocate,

    No you don’t understand correctly. 1 GB is the minimum data plan to get free tethering. I personally get 6 GB for $30. Haven’t come anywhere close to that, even with frequent tethering.

  14. Odd, my Nokia N97 tethers over AT&T;’s 3G network just fine and dandy. Connect to my Asus 1000HE over either Bluetooth or USB (my choice), click ‘Connect’ in Ovi Suite and boom, there I am, still with my grandfathered MEdiaWorks package with unlimited data for $20/mo.

    Sucks for all you guys who buy your phones from your carrier, huh?

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