“Apple has by far the best touchscreen accuracy of any smartphone maker, a new round of MOTO testing has discovered. A follow-up on the finger-only test has used a robot to gauge the absolute accuracy and has found that only the iPhone’s touchscreen could draw consistently straight lines on most of the screen,” Electronista reports. “The Nexus One was second but still produced wavy lines, a behavior that also carried over to the Droid Eris.”

“Other devices performed noticeably worse or had mixed results,” Electronista reports. “The BlackBerry Storm2 and Palm Pre performed almost as well as the iPhone with a regular touch but quickly lost accuracy and input with a lighter touch. Motorola’s Droid fared the worst with noticeable errors regardless of the strength of input.”

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Moto’s Robot Touchscreen Analysis:

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MacDailyNews Take: Droid. iDon’t understand WTF you’re trying to scribble.

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