Business demand for Apple’s revolutionary iPad may be greater than some expected

Apple Online Store“Jim Turner has bought 15 iPads that he’ll get in April, when Apple starts shipping the tablet-style computer designed for book reading, game playing, and video viewing,” Olga Kharif reports for BusinessWeek. “Yet Turner won’t be using the iPad for entertainment.”

“‘It’s for business,’ says Turner, who runs Hilltop Consultants, a provider of information technology services to law firms and other companies in the Washington (D.C.) area,” Kharif reports. “Turner says he’ll use the computer for checking e-mail on the go and taking notes while setting up client computer systems.”

Kharif reports, “The iPad, billed by Apple executives as a digital book reader, video player, and gaming platform, isn’t just for fun and games.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple most cetainly does not just bill iPad as a digital book reader, video player, and gaming platform. Both the iWork portion of Steve Jobs presentation, not to mention both Apple’s iPad webpages and “Meet the iPad” TV commercial (below), clearly show what the iPad can do beyond simply reading books, playing videos, and gaming.

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Kharif continues, “Many companies and employees are buying the iPad to use it as a tool for business-related communications and keeping employees productive while they’re on the go, says Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Co. ‘Clearly, the iPad has a role to play in the business market,” says Wolf, who has a buy rating on Apple stock. ‘The demand appears to be far more diverse than I originally expected.'”

“Of 12 chief information officers surveyed by tech news site TechRepublic in February, 10 said they see a business case for the iPad and other tablets,” ” Kharif reports. “Of 3,171 consumers surveyed by research firm ChangeWave in February, 13% said their top uses for the device would include working away from the office, and 7% said they’d use it for working on spreadsheets and presentations. ‘You can see everyone carry it in their briefcase in two or three years,’ says Paul Carton, vice-president of research at ChangeWave, pointing to findings that 68% of people plan to use the iPad for Web browsing and 44% for checking e-mail.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We of course build plastic mock-ups that we show [to our customers]… We had a slate form factor [but] the feedback was that for customers it will not work because of the need to have [a physical] keyboard.Mika Majapuro, senior worldwide product marketing manager at Lenovo, February 23, 2010


  1. The interest is broader than expected? You would think they would learn the first time.

    The iPhone is much bigger than they thought. Even Microsoft was clueless. Well, they are clueless until Apple clues them in with working products!

    Vapor-ware, Vapor-lock, and Vaporized are the anaylist and nay-Sayers!

  2. “[but] the feedback was that for customers it will not work because of the need to have [a physical] keyboard.”

    And Henry Ford’s market survey found that people wanted a faster horse.

  3. @breeze

    most likely wont happen… not yet.

    Nothing stopping them from making a plugin device that has the camera on it.. which would also work for the iphone/touch. While this is plugged in.. it could have an open port so you can still have it plugged in to charge.. heck.. they may even just make a dock with a video camera on it. I’m sure someone out there will make something 3rd party that will rock

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