Microsoft’s Internet Explorer loses market share in Europe after Windows ballot screen debut

“Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost market share in major European markets, such as France, Britain and Italy, after the U.S. software firm started to make it easier for European consumers to use competing browsers,” Tarmo Virki reports for Reuters.

“Microsoft’s pledge to allow easier access to rival browsers in Windows by the middle of May, ended a long antitrust dispute with the European Union,” Virki reports. “The company has started to send a choice screen, where consumers can easily click on rival browsers, to almost 200 million old and new computers.”

Virki reports, “According to web statistics firm Statcounter, Internet Explorer’s share of all Web surfing has in March dropped in France by 2.5 percentage points from February, in Britain by 1 percentage point and in Italy by 1.3 points.”

“At first sight, Microsoft’s browser Choice Screen shows its own Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Apple Inc’s Safari and Google Inc’s Chrome,” Virki reports. “It is not immediately obvious remaining choices are available by scrolling to the right of the Web page.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not immediately obvious to WIndow sufferers, that is. Of course, until this screen appeared, they thought the Internet was what you got when you clicked the blue “e.”

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  1. I don’t get the scrolling at all, I mean how hard would it be to stack the choices? Oh wait, this is Microsoft we’re talking about here, the only thing they know about good design they stole from Apple 25 years ago.

  2. I have Safari & Firefox in my dock. Safari is used for everything except Wells Fargo. Safari won’t always let me into WF. Firefox ALWAYS does. Don’t ask me! Apple can’t explain. Maybe some of you smart people can.

  3. I am still amazed in this day and age when I talk to some PC users and they have no idea what a browser is (I tell them it is that Internet explorer thingy they use) and that there are ‘internet thingys that exist OTHER than IE.

    Scary but when you think of it, the iPad will be a godsend to them.

  4. Those 7 other browsers to the right, I’ve never heard of.

    @TommyB, to prevent bias, the 5 main browsers are supposedly randomly ordered.

    @ron, you should activate the Developer Menu and then switch user agents, that might allow you to use Safari with Wells Fargo.

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