MacDailyNews Notes: ‘Fred Mertz’ hits 500; Pop-under ads eliminated; Mobile site gets font-sizing

MacDailyNews reader “Fred Mertz” is a prolific article submitter. So much so, that he recently hit the milestone of his 500th published article submission to MacDailyNews.

We’re very fortunate to have quite a few prolific submitters to whom we say “Thank you!” Some other big names you’ll recognize: “James W.,” Edward W.,” “Lynn W.” (the W’s are prolific, aren’t they?), “Judge Bork,” “Brawndo Drinker,” “JES42,” “Carl H.,” “cptnkirk,” “Jersey_Trader,” “Jim – TIV,” “TheMightyFinder,” and many, many others including some who wish to remain nameless (you guys and gals know who you are, thanks!). Again, thank you to everyone who sends us links, whether it’s one here and there or twenty per day!

MacDailyNews Note: Readers can submit links to articles they’d like to see on MacDailyNews via email. There’s a link at the bottom of every article (Send us links! Email: or you can click or tap “contact” on the yellow menu above (classic site only). MacDailyNews App users can use the app’s “Submit” button. (We’re fixing the pre-filled Subject line to read “Article Submission” in version 2.1.1 which is pending Apple’s approval.)

Before we continue on with Mr. Mertz, we’d like to note that Mobile Safari users who visit MacDailyNews now have font-sizing control (look for the “Font+” or “Font-” link at the bottom of the home page. Font-sizing control works for both the Mobile Version and Classic Version of the site for Mobile Safari users and it also remembers your last font size setting.

Now, on the occasion of his 500th published article, we thanked Fred via email and asked if there was anything we could do for him. “Yes,” he responded. “Can you please turn off the pop-under ads?”

MacDailyNews Take: Done.

[UPDATE: 1:05pm EDT: Pop-under ads are removed forever, unless the very existence of the site is threatened, in which case all bets are off. Yes, we will definitely take a revenue hit from this initially, but we hope that the improved experience will eventually increase traffic which will help to offset the negative impact to some degree. Thank you in advance for patronizing our sponsors via the other ads on the site without whom we could not exist.]

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.] wink


  1. Thank you! Thank you! The pop-unders are the worst advertising practice ever devised. Thank you MDN for final taking the higher road!!!

    And thanks Fred Mertz for making this your wish.

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