Apple’s iPhone OS primed to become world’s largest game platform

“Get ready, because this one may get big: 44% of all iPad applications being tested on the actual device are games,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo. “Hey Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, the iPhone/iPod titan is getting its tentacles all over the living room.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s likely they’ve already figured that out already, Jesus. Well, maybe not Micorsoft.

Diaz continues, “The iPhone/iPod monster has positioned itself as the preferred mobile gaming platform for developers and is quickly becoming one of the largest game platforms in the planet, with 75 million iPhone OS devices sold in just 2.5 years. The current king of all game platforms sold 125 million units of the much cheaper Nintendo DS in five years and two months.”

“Now Apple is moving the action into the living room,” Diaz writes. “Would gaming be one of main purposes of the iPad? Would the iPad become the next casual home gaming juggernaut, like the Wii? The market will tell in time, but apparently developers think that the possibility is there.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “sn” for the heads up.]


  1. What about this: the ps3 uses wireless Blutooth game controllers. The ipad has Blutooth… See where I am going with this? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could write a driver for this. Imagine the possibilities of a real game with a real controller in two very portable pieces!!

  2. Gotta love the faithful.

    “The hard core gaming audience is negligible. They may be huge fans of gaming (and represent disproportionate share of subscribers to “Gaming Monthly” magazines), but there are so few of them that their personal preferences really don’t matter.”

    Did you miss the sales for Call of Duty 6? Stay tuned for sales on God of War III. Yeah we’re negligible.

    The fact is for the cost of a iPad one could buy a PS3 / 360 + DS

    The new nintendo DS (not XL) is supposedly amazing and has developers all excited. Nintendo is going no where.

  3. While I am sure lots of kiddies will be attracted to the iPad for games their will be a lot of adult users who want the iPad as an e-reader and for productivity apps primarily.

  4. This is the reason why I don’t like the name iPhone OS. When the iPad comes out, iPhone OS will be on 3 different products, and only one of them is the iPhone. Apple should have called the OS touch OS or something like that.

  5. Predrag is right: the casual gaming community is orders of magnitude larger than the hardcore gaming community. You get a fraction of casual gamers to buy the iPad as a gaming device and you’ve sold more iPads than if 100% of hardcore gamers buy it. It’s not even close.

  6. @ A Gamer,

    Have you seen the profits that game makers get from the App Store? 70% of sales with less than 5% pirating of their software.

    Sales will number in the billions.

    Get back to your XBox 360.

  7. I’m not a big gamer, but wouldn’t a plugin controller that held the iPad, made use of its motion sensing ability and provided extra battery life be a cool thing. Of course, the game software would have to recognize such a thing, or it would need a sophisticated dongle, or something. (I’m out of my league, here.)

  8. re: fact checker

    I think such a device would be too cumbersome for use on an iPad. I’ve really hoped that someone would bring such a controller to iPhone/iPod touch, though. It would make perfect sense for those devices, making it a “real” gaming system about the same size as a PSP. But, again, the iPad is probably too large for a controller like that to be viable. It’d probably look pretty goofy, too.

  9. Yea, Matt, I can easily picture a fairly clunky approach to what I’m suggesting.
    I was thinking along the lines of something nice and slim that the iPad would slide down into, putting the controls (mostly) on top of the black border. Then, as long as it was reasonably comfortable to hold, there would be people who would go for it to be able to use a controller with a bigger screen. ?

  10. You do realize due to Jailbreak iPhone is one of the highest pirated platforms out there? You really think iPad will not be within a month of it being on the market?

    A billion downloads? Sure with 900 million being free games. You need to make a good game @ 99 cents to make a dent compared to the billion DOLLARS a triple AAA game wil Call of Duty series brings. Sure the development cost is not the same scale but it’s not even the same calibur gaming. It’s more shareware then anything.

    You could change your name to Big Al’s Toy barn soon .. it will be more fitting.

    Who knew a gamer could use a Mac Pro AND be a gamer. Why are the faithful here so tunnel visioned. Great news blog but really disturbing attitudes.

  11. I keep hearing about”real” games needing “real” hardware buttoned controllers. That’s kind of a 1980s mindset.

    The multi-touch gaming scene is VERY new. The interface is VERY new… in fact, we’ve not even had the chance to actually USE the new iPad interface!

    What I’m getting at is that touch based controllers, being SOFTWARE based, are really up to the creativity of game designers and skill of the programmers. It’s really EARLY in terms of the time it’ll take game designers and programmers to come up with better control schemes that are touch/software based.

    If you look at various games… YES, I have an iPod touch, use it for business related work AND play games on it (for the naysayers)… the control schemes are really quite interesting.

    A few examples: Zen Bound, Spirit (GREAT GAME!), I Dig It, Ramp Champ, Samurai: Way of the Warrior, Modern Combat: Sandstorm and all the driving games.

    Brace yourselves gamers: There will NOT be ONE controller standard, like the typical console game, there will be MANY. And this is a GREAT thing!

    Open your minds!

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