Amazon to smaller book publishers: We will stop selling your books if you want Apple’s agency model

Apple Online StoreDaring Fireball’s John Gruber quotes a report in the subscriber-only Publishers Marketplace:

At least one independent publisher of scale was told categorically by Amazon in a recent phone call initiated by the etailer that Amazon would not negotiate agency selling terms with any other publishers outside of the five initial Apple partners. This publisher was told that if they switched to an agency model for ebooks, Amazon would stop selling their entire list, in print and digital form. In conversation, Amazon is said to have reiterated that as matter of policy they are declining to negotiate an agency model with any publisher outside of the five who have already announced agreements with Apple’s iBookstore.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bezos has never faced real competition. He’s not handling it well. Decimate your library at your own risk, Jeff.


  1. OK< people rip Apple for doing this or that saying it’s unfair, but in reality Apple has gotten where they are by creating devices people want to use.

    This is clearly extortion on Amazon’s part, threatening other businesses if they decide they want to expand their offerings. I don’t know how the hell they are going to pull this off because this cannot be legal.

    Maybe some of the MDN readers with more legal insight can weigh in on this.

  2. @Tom
    Don’t you think Amazon makes far more selling eBooks than Kindles? I would expect them to quit making Kindles before they would quit supporting Apple devices. They just released the Mac version. They will continue to sell books and will compete on price I am willing to bet.

  3. I’d pay a Kindle or iPad in a heartbeat if I could convert all of my paperbacks at home to eBooks for free. Maybe Apple can use it’s cash reserve to support this: Mail us your book and we’ll give you the eBook version for free!

  4. @Tom
    Apple devices often figure in the top 10 of any given category, so, sure, they could do that, but they would be losing money and hurting only them selves, not Apple.

  5. They should all get togther, build there own site and then dump Amazon.

    Then work with other companies that sell product at Amazon to give the them a better deal. Take their business and watch Amazon beg to change to a new model and sell there goods.

    I like that idea.

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