What would Apple need to offer for you to drop your cable/satellite subscription?

Apple StoreThis is an open-ended question for our readers who are cable/satellite subscribers:

What would Apple have to offer for you to seriously consider dropping your cable/satellite subscription?

Certain networks? Tiers of networks (bundles) or à la carte network selection? Specific monthly subscription price? Cost of hardware? Additional capabilities (Blu-ray, DVR, 1080p, etc.)?

MacDailyNews Take: We’d need the major networks, certain cable networks, HBO, a robust sports package (which would mean live streaming from Apple) for a reasonable monthly fee that we won’t specify for fear of tainting your responses below. We’d hope it would be something our current Apple TV hardware could accommodate via firmware update, but would consider a new hardware purchase depending on the additional capabilities offered.


  1. Dropped it years ago.

    But the problem is the content keepers who don’t give us access through Apple TV

    Breaking Bad is great, you can buy a season pass before it shows… download and watch the newest show as it is broadcast.

    Weeds… you have to wait until it comes out on DVD a year later…

    The problem is the content cheaters, not Apple

  2. I’d switch from DirecTV to AppleTV if Apple would carry live programming, along with the usual video on demand service.

    We need more international news channel carriage, especially like “BBC World”.

  3. A HDR with at least 1TB of storage with dual HD Satalite reciever wireless N with a version of safari to surf the web through my set top box that should be sufficient for me to start with ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I agree with jerry – I’d like to be able to pick-and-choose my channels, with the option, of course, of adding/removing as I feel necessary – I also agree with MacDailyNews that, as an existing AppleTV owner, I’d like to see additional functionality added to my AppleTV via firmware. DVR capabilities would be a must. But to completely remove myself from TWC, Apple would need to have content available immediately….

  5. For Prime Time shows, the à la carte model works fine. However, they still need live streaming for sports.

    TV companies, the ones who create original content, won’t let thus happen too fast because they still need the revenue from non-prime time shows, like those which air in the morning or late night. But this question is about what we need, nit they.

  6. @ jerry
    I agree. I have cable in the uk and my son has satellite (uk) and in both cases in order to get all the channels that you want you have to buy the whole damned package as they split the parts you want into various options, whereby one option only has part of what you require. You get my meaning. As a result, at least here in the uk, the people who have the general package of approx 150 channels (albeit 140 of them crap) are getting their viewing on the cheap whilst us sports and movie fans pay over the odds.

  7. I already don’t have cable TV. And I never watch anything live, so I don’t need live streaming. But a subscription service where I can download movies or TV shows would be excellent. Or split it up between a TV package and a movie package. In fact, I watch so few shows that you could put a cap as to how many shows you download per month and then charge extra if you want to go over.

    But again, it’s dependent on the content providers. I know if it were up to Apple, they would do this.

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