Google TV should finally push Apple TV out of ‘hobby’ stage

Steal of the Day - Updated Daily!“For the past couple of years now, when talking about the Apple TV product, Apple likes to throw out the word ‘hobby.’ It’s as if they’re ashamed of the device. And considering sales are anemic next to Macs, iPods, and iPhones, it’s no big surprise that they talk this way,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch. “But there’s actually nothing to be ashamed of. The Apple TV is a good product. Apple just needs to put some proper time and energy into it, to expand it to its full potential. And news today about the so-called ‘Google TV’ should do just the trick.”

“As the New York Times reported yesterday, Google is working with partners including Intel, Sony, and Logitech to bring a Google TV experience into the living room. This is, of course, where the Apple TV resides. And Apple would be foolish to simply cede any ground it does have to its new favorite rival just because it’s focused on other things (*cough* iPad *cough*),” Siegler reports. “That’s a Microsoft move.”

“Google TV would be based around the Android platform. This means that the key idea is likely to have third-party developers work on it to make applications built for a television set. That’s easier said than done, but Android’s open nature should yield some interesting results rather quickly,” Siegler reports. “Apple, meanwhile, is of course anything but open with regard to their devices. In fact, the Apple TV is entirely closed right now, as only Apple is able to modify its software (without hacking it, of course). I suspect that will change, following this revelation.”

Full article here.

Nick Bilton reports for The New York Times, “Google and Intel have teamed with Sony to develop a platform called Google TV to bring the Web into the living room through a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes.”

“The partners envision technology that will make it as easy for TV users to navigate Web applications, like the Twitter social network and the Picasa photo site, as it is to change the channel,” Bilton reports. “Google is expected to deliver a toolkit to outside programmers within the next couple of months, and products based on the software could appear as soon as this summer. The three companies have tapped Logitech, which specializes in remote controls and computer speakers, for peripheral devices, including a remote with a tiny keyboard.”

“‘Google wants to be everywhere the Internet is so they can put ads there,’ said one of the people with knowledge of the project,” Bilton reports. “Based on Google’s Android operating system, the TV technology runs on Intel’s Atom chips. Google has built a prototype set-top box, but the technology may be incorporated directly into TVs or other devices.”

“The Google TV software will present users with a new interface for TVs that lets them perform Internet functions like search while also pulling down Web programming like YouTube videos or TV shows from The technology will also allow downloadable Web applications, like games and social networks, to run on the devices,” Bilton reports. “A person with knowledge of the project said that Google TV would use a version of Google’s Chrome Web browser, which currently does not work on Android phones.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Somehow we highly doubt that Eric T. Mole recused himself from Apple TV discussions. That said, at this point, as happy Apple TV owners who’d nonetheless like to see Apple focus quite a bit more on the device, we welcome anything that forces Apple to stop treating Apple TV like a red-headed stepchild.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Ads, ads, and more ads. Google is nothing more than an advertising agency masquerading as a technology company.

    They want their ads on your cell phone, your email, the sites you visit, now they’re testing ads on maps, and now they want to put ads on your TV.

    I wouldn’t touch that set-top box with a 10-foot pole.

  2. here is my wish

    I would like to see a wireless HDMI (like an air express) that you would hook up to your HDTV, and use your iPad as the controller ATV software) to send content from your iPad and /or your main iTune library.

    Apple could also sell the wifi unit for inclusion in TV’s, “Ipad/ATV ready)

    This could be in addition to the current/upgraded ATV with storage

  3. Thank you Google. I would love to a very good set-top box. I’m currently using a Mac mini but find it to be a tad bit cumbersome. I love the idea of the Apple TV but Apple must have only 1 person working on it. Maybe Google TV will get Apple off its ass and dedicate some energy and time into improving Apple TV.

    Competition is great.

  4. I’ve wanted an AppleTV every since it came out, but just can’t make myself buy the current piece of crap. Add a BluRay Disk, OTA tuner, and DVR and 1080p capability and I’m ready to buy.

  5. PS

    My set up now, is the original ATV, I keep music , pictures and some of the kids movie’s stored on it, but I normally stream my movies from my 1T iTune library collection and growing.

    Some people want an ATV with more storage, I would like to see a non storage ATV , (in expensive, around $99.00) made to be used with your iPad

  6. Apple can start moving apple tv any time they want. All they need to do is let the device play apps. Once the app store is accessable from your couch… Boom!

    The onl hardware missing is a motion sensitive remote. Now if an iPod touch shipped with every aTV….

    I still think they should have branded apple TV as iPodTV. People might have gotten what it does more quickly.

  7. I did a headcount of everything I own a few months back- Took pics, recorded serial numbers- For insurance purposes- And it’s occurred to me that not one single, solitary item was bought after viewing an advertisement.

    Spend all you want trying to sell me something, it’s all for naught, but if your ads bring me free TV shows, I’ll gladly bleed you dry consuming them.

    That said, I BUY the content I desire from iTunes, I BUY those shows because they are ad free, and the producers of said content receive cash from those sales.

  8. Apple TV 2.0
    New Processor (A4).
    SSD (The new Intel lower cost units would work).
    New Graphics Chip.
    GB Networking for better streaming.
    iPod touch full control using Bluetooth.
    App Store Games with HD resolution, using iPod Touch as controller.
    Apple Deal to put 1080P Digital Copies in package with Every Blue-ray Movie that can be loaded onto an Apple Media Server.

  9. Great. If Google TV is as as sprawling, undefined and unfinished as the rest of Google’s offerings, Apple has nothing to fear.

    Apple may lose the 17-34 male geek audience to Google, slowly winning them back as they see their friends actually getting stuff done on Apple’s platform.

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