USPTO denies Google ‘Nexus One’ trademark for their Android ‘superphone’ flop

Apple Online Store“Google failed in its bid to own the ‘Nexus One’ name for its Android 2.1 smartphone, as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected its application for a trademark on the moniker,” Clint Boulton reports for eWeek.

“That mark is currently commanded by Integra Telecom, which in December 2008 registered the trademark for its Nexus fixed bandwidth integrated voice and Internet T1 product,” Boulton reports. “What does this all mean? Google could contest the ruling, pay Integra for the right to use the name, or change the Nexus One name.”

Boulton reports that “in its first 74 days,” Google’s rebadged HTC “Nexus One only moved 135,000 units.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. with all the money that google has, why could they not have worked this out before selling the damn thing. when apple informed the world of the iPhone, cisco was already in talks with Apple. otherwise, cisco would sue. i guess eric “the mole” schmidt still has not learned his lesson.

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