iPhone OS app starts surge 185% since Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled iPad

Apple Online Store“Each month, Flurry leverages its data set collected from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and J2ME applications to identify, study and share industry trends. Flurry tracks over 20,000 live applications and over 2 billion user sessions each month. Applications that include Flurry Analytics have been downloaded to more than 80% of all iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices,” Peter Farago blogs for Flurry. “Additionally, each day, approximately one of out every five downloaded applications from the App Store and Android Market include Flurry Analytics. The Pulse report is generated in the first half of each month, looking back at data up through the previous month.”

“Since the App Store launched in July 2008, 35,000 unique companies have released applications, which translates to 58 new companies launching apps each day,” Farago reports. “This appears to be the largest amassing of 3rd party developer support by any development platform in such a compressed timeframe.”

“After measuring that developers integrating Flurry analytics into iPhone OS applications in January increased by nearly three times over December, we were eager to follow up on this trend after February data rolled in,” Farago reports. “The January spike represented the single largest spike in Flurry history.”

Farago reports, “Now, over six weeks since Apple announced the iPad, Flurry continues to measure a significant increase in iPhone OS new application starts within its system. We continue to attribute this growth to excitement generated by the impending launch of iPad, now set for April 3 in the U.S. A large proportion of the applications we are seeing are custom version of existing applications tailored for the iPad. With over 140,000 applications in the App Store, developers who modify their applications for the iPad early on may have the opportunity to establish an early presence on this new device and drive more downloads. The chart below shows a clear step up in developer activity within Flurry since the iPad was announced.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I like this statement:

    “This appears to be the largest amassing of 3rd party developer support by any development platform in such a compressed timeframe.”

    Yep, appears Apple’s draconian rules are really keeping business away.

  2. Walled Garden.

    Great idea for new iPhone / iPad game.

    Droids attempt to bust through and climb over the Walled Garden to obtain life credits and reach the 70 million inhabitants. They must first bypass AppGuards who have been instructed to shoot to kill and their useless corpses are added to the Jobs IP prison for all to see.

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