Steve Jobs wins approval to apply for permit to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house – again

“A judge has approved computer magnate Steve Jobs’ long-delayed plan to tear down his mansion in Woodside and build a smaller home on the wooded property. But a preservation group is hoping for a last-minute agreement to relocate the 85-year-old house,” Bob Egelko reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“The Woodside Town Council first approved his application for a demolition permit in 2004. The council said the building was a historic resource but agreed with Jobs that restoring it would be expensive and economically unworkable,” Egelko reports. “But a group called Save Our Heritage went to court and blocked the demolition. A San Mateo County judge and an appellate court agreed that Jobs had failed to show that tearing the house down was his only practical option.”

Egelko reports, “Jobs then submitted more information to the Town Council, which held public hearings and approved another demolition permit in May 2009. Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner, who had rejected the previous plan, upheld the council’s decision this week.”

“Jobs has also tried for four years to find someone who would relocate and restore the mansion, Weiner said,” Egelko reports. “Her ruling allows Jobs to apply for a demolition permit. Town Manager Susan George said Friday that officials would need some time to review the permit and would require Jobs to save objects of historic interest from the building and turn them over to the town.”

Full article here.

Check out Jonathan Haeber’s mixture of night and day photography of Jobs’ Jackling House here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ever wonder why California’s insolvent? We don’t. The Beatles will come to iTunes Store before The Jackling Dump ever gets razed.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Babakool” for the heads up.]


  1. @The cause of California’s problems

    Actually I believer the Historical Conservation Society blocking Steve Jobs are mostly conservatives.

    Call it a hunch. Something ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I thought Steve was going to pay 600 grand so someone could move the heap off of the property. What the hell happened to that plan?

    Someone needs to advertise this house as a place to stay to the drunken homeless bums in the nearby city. The house wouldn’t last a week…

  3. Steve, enough already. Deed the house over to the historical society. Let them come up with the money to restore/preserve it.

    You take a loss by deed it over. So what. Spend the money to go find another dream piece of property and build your dream house.

    You are spending too much of your precious time you have left on this earth to be wasting it fighting these people. So what it cost a million dollars. Your time and sanity are worth far more.

  4. “Town Manager Susan George said Friday that officials… would require Jobs to save objects of historic interest from the building and turn them over to the town.”

    Because, in our more enlighten and progressive times, concepts such as the rights of individuals and property rights are passe.

    They’re just so 16th century, you know.

  5. The judge has approved Jobs applying for demolition. What does that mean, exactly? You have to get “approval” just to apply for something? That’s crazy…

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