HP and Microsoft offer vapor as Apple launches iPad

“HP said Tuesday it’s readying a Windows 7-powered slate PC that it claims will offer a more complete computing experience than Apple’s iPad,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek. “”With this slate product, you’re getting a full Web browsing experience in the palm of your hand,” said Phil McKinney, HP’s VP and chief technical officer for its Personal Systems Group, in a blog post. ‘No watered down Internet, no sacrifices,’ wrote McKinney. And, unlike the iPad, McKinney said HP’s yet-to-be-named tablet PC will support Adobe’s Flash multimedia format. ‘A big bonus for the slate product is that, being based on Windows 7, it offers full Adobe support,’ said McKinney.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, with this product, which has no shipping date or price, do you also get any usable battery life after the piggish Flash has had it’s way with your POS off-the-shelf Atom processor? Also, by “full Web browsing” experience, does Mr. HP Marketing Flak mean full exposure to the wonderful world of Windows viruses, worms, and trojans? The answers, although tough to divine from mere vapor as its “maker,” which for quite some time is much better known for gouging customers on printing cartridges than for advancing innovation in hardware or software, awaits the arrival of their first iPads of many in order to complete the specs and features of their wannabe device(s), are likely: “Barely” and “Yes,” respectively. This is yet another attempt to freeze a market. Too bad for HP and Microsoft that this particular market didn’t exist until Apple created it.

McDougall continues, “To prove his point, McKinney posted a video of the HP tablet in action. Similar to the iPad commercial that debuted during Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast, the video shows a user navigating his way around the device through a series of simple hand gestures. It also shows it being used as a video player, an e-reader, and as a navigational tool. HP has yet to provide specific information, such as pricing and release dates, for its slate PC… Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer demonstrated a prototype HP tablet powered by Windows 7 in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and promised that more such products are in the works.”

MacDailyNews Take: Demo videos and prototypes. And they’ll all have actual products ready to go ASAP, right after they first get some Apple iPads in their labs. Word to the unwise: Don’t ignore those patents, guys. wink

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Isn’t it amazing how box assemblers who’ve been cobbling together non-selling tablet PCs for about decade now, all of a sudden, seem to have a better idea (but still wrong overall) of what to do? Why now? What the heck triggered this mass “flash” of insight? Who the heck is more like it. As always: Apple leads and the rest follow poorly and at a distance.


  1. I just had a brilliant idea for a product — a giant iPod touch. Yeah, I know, the touch has been around for a couple of years now and this idea should have occurred to me ages ago, but I just thought of it while watching the Oscars. Don’t know where idea came from, but isn’t it brilliant? Gotta get the lab boys started on this one soon!

  2. HP’s product will only take 2-3 minutes to wake from sleep. Can you even imagine how slow this thing will be running Windows 7? 90 min. of battery life?

    Yea, let’s play flash games . . . oh, wait, no mouse; can’t do it. Hey, why’s there an ad popped up on my HP tablet thingy? I can’t click it to make it go away! OK, let’s watch YouTube . . . hey, why can’t I access the player controls? It’s Flash! I need a mouse! Where’s that damn PS/2 port?

    HP didn’t mean Windows 7 phone, did it? Either way . . . .

  3. HP used to be a reputable company.
    I balked at paying near $80 for ink cartridges for an aging but reliable G95. What did I do? I found a super Canon 328 and the dealer installed a 4 x 200cc CMYK external ink feed tank supplying the std Canon print head. And a spare set of 4 x 250cc refills. It will last as long as 16 HP replacement carts. How much for the whole deal? $90.
    A lesson for HP. Gouge your loyal customers and they’ll cut your legs off, at the neck!
    And now trying to gouge Apple too because HP, like MS, is bankrupt of ideas or integrity. Come back Messrs Hewlett and Packard.

  4. Something tells me, zmarc, that no matter how many times you try to “troll” the iPad, the real numbers of pre-orders this weekend will boggle even your mind. Truly, the coming onslaught of crazy-silly-powerful games for the Pad will make your PSP look like an archaic little toy . . . just like everything else Sony has shipped for the past two decades.

    Yep: Hold your breath for the as-yet-unnamed-designed-manufactured-patent tested-released HP/MS device. Perhaps IT will satisfy your lofty requirements.

  5. The MDN take is so very true. I’m starting to find it offensive that HP or Dell (or Motorola, or…) go around and beat their chests about how great their iProduct-killer will be, implying that Apple didn’t get it “right” themselves, but only do so after their object of derision has been out in the world generating mindshare, introducing people to the ease of consumer technology, and basically paving the way for their crappy offerings. Apple does all the heavy lifting and these other guys try to waltz in and steal Apple’s thunder. Thank God that tactic almost never works.

    Apple should be applauded if they can grind these guys into dust. Apple faces a daily barrage of criticism from people who think they’re too much a walled garden, too expensive, too elitist, too disruptive, too whatever, yet these same people can’t wait for other companies to make the very same damn things Apple makes. For these people, Apple’s ideas are awesome just as long as someone else executes them. Screw them all. They’re pathetic.

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