Apple’s extraordinary run of success due to unstinting devotion to certain values

Mac Sale  FREE Shipping“My take on Apple’s signature values isn’t the product of any in-company research I’ve conducted. Steve Jobs lives down the street but he’s never invited me over for a chinwag and I haven’t talked to anyone on Apple’s senior team,” Gary Hamel blogs for The Wall Street Journal. “Nevertheless, when you ask yourself,’what kind of values would a company have to honor in order to produce the sort of products that have recently been spawned by Apple?” it’s not too hard to deduce at least some of the ideals that have propelled the company forward…”

Apple’s extraordinary run of success reflects an unstinting devotion to a particular set of values, including:

• Be passionate
• Aim to surprise
• Be unreasonable
• Innovate incessantly and pervasively
• Sweat the details
• Think like an engineer, feel like an artist

Hamel writes, “Apple’s unique success is a product of its unique passions. And that’s why I don’t think any other company will soon duplicate the kind of run Apple has had over the past decade—whether or not Apple produces an encore with the iPad.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. omg is someone actually writing about the stuff that makes Mac fans so loyal? AMAZING.

    Oh, and by the way, iPad isn’t an encore. iPad is the beginning of a whole new generation of computer users.

  2. I’d put at the top of the list:

    We don’t compete with M$ and or numerous hardware vendors.

    In other words, Apple creates products based on customers needs, not the Marketing Department.

    I always liked when Apple employees said that.

  3. Thing is, everyone imagines that the iPad is an encore, because Apple has already overstepped the mark of what should be possible.

    What we followers of Apple know, is that the iPad is no encore, it’s just one in planned line of very specific progress for Apple.

    Progress that will see it launched into a quite unheard of position for any business to be in. So expect a valuation extraordinaire…

  4. None of these values apply to Microsoft. Yet look at them. 90% world marketshare. 90 million Windows 7 Aja Vista neutered copies.

    Microsoft is the least innovative comapany out there. Constantly copying what Apple does and still comes out with CRAP! Yet they continue to rule and generate billions and billions of dollars.

    Mind boggling.

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