Verizon data network suffers US-wide outage

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“Verizon cellphone customers on Wednesday reported a seemingly US-wide data outage,” Electronista reports.

“The issue affects both conventional data for all devices as well as messaging services like BlackBerry e-mail and MMS,” Electronista reports. “Service problems don’t appear to be region-specific and have been intermittent, with some already being back to normal while others have lost service a second time or have only gotten back certain features.”

Electronista reports, “Verizon hasn’t provided a public response, but those who have contacted the carrier were told there was no estimated time for when data would return to normal.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s a map for that, too. And it’s completely blank.


  1. Verizon had the problem fixed as of 8am EST (nearly two hours ago). It was a network error, not the result of their fledgling 3G pipeline collapsing under the (over-promised) weight of data congestion. And since voice and data are separate with CDMA EV-DO, Verizon customers maintained their stellar voice coverage throughout the short ordeal.

    Give me a Verizon iPhone or give me death.

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