RUMOR: Apple agrees to share subscriber info with iPad magazine publishers

Apple Store“Apple may be agreeing to give out subscriber info to get magazines in the iBookstore and on the iPad, a rumor on the latest episode of TWiT suggests,” Electronista reports.

“Controversial Mahalo head Jason Calacanis heard from a ‘major publisher’ that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has acquiesced to giving out an unspecified amount of customer data after the publisher refused to offer subscription content without circulation info,” Electronista reports. “It’s not known if any other publishers put down a similar ultimatum.”

Electronista reports, “Few other details are available, and the rumor contains a level of doubt. Calacanis has a mixed track record on rumors and made a joke iPad leak in late January that even some major publications falsely interpreted as fact. Here, however, he made it clear he was serious, and leaks from Jobs’ recent meetings with New York City publishers have been commonplace.”

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  1. “…after the publisher refused to offer subscription content without circulation info.”

    Then Apple should tell the publisher to suck a** . They’ll come crawling back after the iPad takes off like a friggin’ rocket; just like Warner music did with the iPod.

  2. As a magazine publisher myself, I am concerned that we might not be able to “own” our magazine’s subscriber list. Although it isn’t clear what Apple have in mind for Publishers, especially niche ones like mine – without our readership base we are nothing – and this is what we spend decades building up ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    There’s no way I am going to let all that work go down the bog for nothing.
    “Interesting Time as Confucious say.

  3. Some info should be shared in order to maximize the value I get from a publication.

    Some should be controlled – where I can opt in, or not.

    I do not want a one time purchase or even a subscription to a magazine resulting in getting flooded with “junk mail” either real or virtual. That is a very fast way to destroy my user experience.

    The potential to mine information to fine tune the digital “me” is huge, and can result in a huge loss of privacy – I am kind of glad that my computer company “Apple” is ran by a guy obsessed with privacy.

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