Apple Board member Al Gore gets 10,387 more Apple options

Mac Sale  FREE Shipping“Al Gore took his lumps at Apple’s shareholders meeting Thursday,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Sitting in the front row with the other outside directors, he had to bite his tongue as two pro-environment proposals were voted down and a gadfly named Shelton Ehrlich took the mic to call him a ‘laughingstock,'” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “‘The glaciers have not melted,’ Ehrlich said, referring to Gore’s frequent warnings about the effects of global warming. ‘If his advice he gives to Apple is as faulty as his views on the environment then he doesn’t need to be re-elected.'”

“But Gore is amply rewarded for serving on Apple’s board,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “Last year he received in cash and stock options the equivalent of $436,372. The 10,000 options he was granted in 2008 are now worth nearly $750,000.”

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “And according to an SEC filing published Friday, he has just received another 9,397 options — more than any other director — in addition to 990 restricted shares. Net value of last week’s haul, including those restricted shares: more than $227,000 at Apple’s closing price of $204.62… Gore has done well for himself since he left public service. In 2000, his net worth was estimated to be between $1 and $2 million. By 2007, it had reportedly reached $100 million.”

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  1. If it does get warmer, wouldn’t that mean we could burn less fossil fuels to heat our homes?…..of course then the Earth might cool, which means burning more, which means global warming, which means burning less fuel…..

    Ah, give me the keys to my Hummer, I need to take a totally useless drive and think about this.

  2. Cue the brainless: it’s time for your rantings about conspiracies, ineptitude, and other nefarious bogeymen foisted on you by those commie-fascist-hippie-nazi liberals. We’re all waiting with bated breath for your newest screeds and insane babblings on matters beyond your comprehension …

    Remember:Stupidity is a condition. Ignorance is a choice!

  3. Hey guys, it snowed this year on the east coast a lot. So that means there’s no climate change, okay? How smart do you have to be to get that? If there’s a lot of snow in one place on the globe, then global warming can’t possibly be true.

  4. Can anyone state what Al Gore has done for Apple or for Apple’s share holders? Has he got more Mac’s in government buildings, schools, military, … Exactly, what does this idiot do for Apple? Why did they put him on the board in the first place?

  5. “The world is cooling. Global temperatures have declined since 1998 and a growing number of climate experts expect this trend to continue until at least 2030. This, happening while carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions continue to rise, is in complete contradiction to the theory of human-induced (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW). The CBC and other die-hard AGW proponents respond by publicizing selected glacial melts and the impact of dramatic but improbable sea level rises, the only warming issues that seem to grab public attention.”

  6. More energy in a closed dynamic system means more volatility within that system. On our planet, this means more extreme weather conditions. Colder than usual in some places, warmer in other places. More rain or snow in some area, less in others. Bigger storms.

    This is what’s happening: we’re breaking historic records at unprecedented rates. And, yes, the glaciers are melting, as is the ice at the north pole.

    This isn’t a left wing plot (to gain, what..), it’s reality, and your simplistic denial of it will not make it go away.

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